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At the moment, I'm standing at the edge of a pond of big, icy news.  I guess I'll just leap rather than slowly wade in - we're closing up Uncle Jer's.


Getting the keys to the store almost 10 years ago was a dream come true.  Uncle Jer's has become a Los Angeles institution over the last thirty plus years and every day it has been in our care has been a rewarding one, often in unexpected ways.  Getting to know the faces, families and stories that populate our neighborhood has been the richest treasure of our time here - and, thankfully, we'll never have to give these memories up.


Our own story now includes two young sons, Echo and Edyn and our dreams and responsibilities have started to change with their arrival.  In the end, we just want and need more time with them.


This was a difficult decision but now that it's made we've been filled with more elation and relief than fear and hesitancy so we are sure we are doing the right thing.  (This is also not even necessarily a permanent change and we'll certainly let you know if and when the next Uncle Jer's chapter begins - but we're looking forward to an extended breather at least.)


We're beginning a store-wide sale this Friday but are starting it a little early for those of you who stay in touch by email and facebook.  Join us Thursday night from 5 to 8 pm for a little wine and cheese and an extra discount over what we'll be offering at the kickoff of our clearance on Friday.


Thanks to all of you for your support, loyalty, warmth and encouragement over the years.  It's corny but true - it's the people that we'll miss the most.


Rob and Cassandra


Uncle Jer's
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