Cradle-to-Career Summit
Fall 2021

Welcome to the closing of this year's Partnership Summit!

We hope that this year’s Summit experience has helped you connect, share and learn, across sectors, geographies, Initiatives, and roles. Systems change starts with seeing the system as a whole. Bringing all aspects of the Partnership together to view the landscape of educational equity in Marin is what it's all about.

As we wrap up this year’s asynchronous Summit, we hope you’ve learned something new about the Partnership, deepened your relationship with at least one other person, or felt inspired to act with renewed energy and commitment. Working together, you are breaking down barriers, building relationships, amplifying each other’s success, changing systems, and improving lives.

While the Summit is “officially” over this week, the content will remain on the Partnership’s website. That's the upside of going virtual! However, just like ending a meeting with an action commitment, here’s your last chance to participate in the Summit by taking a final action:

2 min - Respond to one of the engagement activities that you missed. Share your values, a COVID challenge, or a systemic shift you’ve helped to make this year ...
  • Click HERE to see Week 1-5 Engagement Activities
  • Click HERE to go to Week 6

3 min - Watch a partner video that you may have missed and share your favorite with a colleague or on social media via Facebook or Twitter

5 min - Send us an email to get connected, to share a Summit highlight, or to let us know how you will use what you’ve learned to further the educational equity mission of the Partnership.

Fall Partnership Summit - an exciting new asynchronous...

Every year, Partners gather in the Fall to learn from each other across the Cradle to Career continuum, to deepen partnership relationships, and to see Marin's entire education ecosystem in action. This year, during the months of October and...

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