Next Century Cities is collecting feedback from local officials in 6 Asks for the 46th President.” The list will include recommended priorities for the Biden-Harris Administration, the 117th Congress, and the FCC. Based on member feedback in 2020, we shared three goals that would help to ensure that every community has fast, affordable, and reliable. However, the new Administration needs to hear from you – your community's story in your own words. 

Submit feedback for the Executive Branch, Congress, or the FCC here. Quotes will be elevated in a letter to the President and Congress or documented in FCC filings noting only the municipality and state. Names and emails of local officials will not be shared.

You can view our document here. We started with three goals:

1) Increase the substantive presence of local perspectives and stories in federal policymaking. Without insights from local officials and community leaders, federal broadband deployment strategies will continue to fall short of goals to close the digital divide. The President, FCC, NTIA, and other agencies must develop methods to elevate and incorporate local perspectives into federal broadband policymaking. 

2) Address inaccuracies in broadband availability mapping, and begin collecting pricing data. Availability data is not only central for ensuring that limited funding reaches populations in need, but also helps to illustrate the unique broadband access and adoption challenges that different parts of the country experience. Collaborating with local governments is essential for improving federal data collection processes. 

3) Center digital equity and inclusion in broadband access and adoption strategies. The digital divide has a far-reaching impact on already underrepresented communities as large segments of Indigenous, Black, Brown, rural, and low-income residents are simply unable to get online. COVID-19 exacerbated the effects of existing digital inequities. We urge the federal government to adopt a whole-of-community approach that promotes broadband access, broadband adoption, and digital literacy for all residents. 

View the full document here.

Now we want to hear from you. Submit your ideas, goals, or proposals that you believe the 46th President and his Administration should support. What does your community need to bring fast, affordable, and reliable broadband to all people? Submit recommendations here.