Letter from Chantal Unfug, John Busch, Dr. Michele Hanna and 
Chuck Schroeder, GlobalMindED Rural Leadership Team

When we talk about diversity, equity, or inclusion, does geographic representation come to mind?  On this, the 50 th  anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s death, it  may surprise you to know that many residents of all ages living in rural areas have the same hurdles to overcome, such as access, connectivity, and active support systems  which limit opportunities for education and jobs which MLK fought so hard to equalize.  Although awareness for this topic has been heightened over this past year, rural areas represent an often undervalued opportunity, but without understanding, planning and connecting resources, these opportunities and the people who can create them, are at risk. In the March 23, 2018, Brookings Brief,  "In 2017, Rural Places won a little more-but will it last?"  by Mark Muro and Jacob Whiton, stabilization and progress in rural communities across the globe are fragile.  Census data shows rural residents in each state with high concentration in the South, the upper Northeast and the upper Northwest.
GlobalMindED leaders want to dive into what those challenges and opportunities look like through a rural lens.  The Pre-Conference session on June 9th will expand on the work we started at GlobalMindED 2017 in this important area  bringing in national public, private and academic experts in rural employment, economics and education to share their insights on the much needed areas of collaboration and connection. We are glad to work with and be hosted by The  Colorado Business Roundtable  as well as our national partners.
Our goal at the Pre-Conference as well as during the conference itself is to explore the critical junctures of connectivity that are needed for people to live, work and  thrive  in rural communities, especially in the age of automation. We'll look at public/private partnership models, invite innovators to share their plans to develop a cogent strategy to connect First Gen rural students through technology to role models, mentors, apprenticeships, internships, and jobs. For example, that's why our partners, such as Accion, dedicated to getting $1 trillion in the hands of low-income entrepreneurs, and Siemens, creating connectivity through their Smart Cities, is key to the rebalancing the geographic economic landscape.
This session will drive strategies and outcomes to reach GlobalMindED's Bold Goal for 2025: to algorithmically connect 25,000,000 First Gen to graduate high school/First Gen to College, to role models, mentors, internships, and jobs. Many rural areas are struggling with a key of education and employment issues. Working with the  GlobalMindED Rural Leaders , we will identify and overcome the health, learning, employment and social issues to reach the Bold Goal within our more remote and important communities. Equally as important, these valuable and diverse thought leaders will be included in the table to define, determine and deliver the solutions to keep our rural communities thriving and connected.
We look forward to seeing you at GlobalMindED and hope that you can join our Pre-Conference or share this with an inclusive rural leader in your network.   We can honor Dr. Martin Luther King every day as we tackle these illusive issues with constructive ways to bring all people together to learn, to earn and to prosper in our multi-talented and multi-faceted nation in rural as well as urban areas. 

to GlobalMindED on Saturday, 
June 9 from 9 am to 3 pm:
Facilitators:  Chuck SchroederRural Futures InstituteChantal UnfugDivision of Local Government, State of Colorado John Busch Siemens 

Facilitators: Mary Lisa Harper, mindSpark Learning; Caroline Hill, CityBridge

Facilitators:  Dr. Brenda AllenUniversity of Colorado DenverDr. Cynthia Demetriou , University of Arizona Christine Salvesen University of Arizona

Facilitators: Dr. Bree Langemo , Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
Dr. Rebecca Corbin , National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship  (NACCE); Dr. Gene Coulson , Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd)

Facilitator: Mary Haynes, LifeBound

Facilitator: Ann Kaiser, ProjectEngin

Facilitators: Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Curran, Digital Citizenship Institute
David Goutcher, Polybius Games (UK); Bronwyn Joyce, Our Global Classroom (Australia); Brad Waid, International Award Winning Educator

Facilitators: Paul Deaderick, National Reconnaissance Office at the Aerospace Data Facility Colorado; Zyola Mix, SEAKR Engineering, Inc.
Jay Lindell, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade; Magens Orman, Sierra Nevada Corporation

Facilitators: Dr. Ahrash Bissell, The NROC Project; Jim Larimore, ACT Center for Equity in Learning; Dr. Hae Okimoto, University of Hawaii System; Terri Rowenhorst, The NROC Project

Facilitators: Dr. Jeff Sidders, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment; Philip Kahn-Pauli, RespectAbility USA

Facilitators: Lorena Zimmer, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce; Sid Saleh, Colorado School of Mines; Jenny Smith, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
 Higher ED Track

Strategies for a Success for African-American and Latino Males
Presenters:  Dr. Jonathan Hershey, Georgia Highlands CollegeEvan Snelling, Georgia Highlands College Gregory Shropshire, 100 Black Men of Rome-NWGA, Inc.Octavius Landon, Georgia Highlands College Student; Rontavious Coley, Georgia Highlands College Student

Never Say No: Navigating a Pilot Program for Under-Prepared College Writing Students
Presenters:  Lisa Hacker , College of the Mainland ; Zahmar Rounds , University of Houston-Downtown ; Regina Mitchell , College of the Mainland ; Dr. Birney Smiles , College of the Mainland Sarah Rangel College of the Mainland Student

K-12 Track
Presenters: Judy Perez, iLearn Collaborative Kate Farmer , Asia Society
Dr. Brandon Wiley, GlobalEdLeader ; Karla Phillips , Foundation for Excellence in Education

Presenters: Robert Hacker, StartUP FIURichard Martinez, Young Americans Center for Financial Education; Heidi Cuppari, Dream Tank

Presenters:  Maia Sharpley, Charter Schools USAMike Miles, Third Future Schools ; Heather Mock , Dawson School; Whitney Allen, Parent Institute for Quality Education

Presenters:  Bryan Goodwin, McRELHeather Hierbsch, TeachUNITED; Kellie Lauth, mindSpark LearningJosh Weisgrau, Global Digital Promise

Presenters:  Dwight Jones, McGraw-Hill Education; Stan Hickory, Mapleton Public SchoolsBill de la Cruz, Denver Public SchoolsDr. Dawn Mcwilliams, Fulton Academy of Excellence

Presenters:  Jane Shirley, Catapult LeadershipAlexis K. Morgan, Doctoral Graduate, Education Leadership at Harvard Graduate School of Education; Sybil Owens, Aurora Public Schools and African American Male Empowerment & Success; Dr. Deb Sandella, RIM Institute; Sara Spanier, Education Pioneers


Presenters:  Dr. Jenny Nash, LEGO┬« Education North America; Dr. Leanna Prater, LEGO┬« Education; Aaron Mauer, Mississippi Bend AEA and 212 STEAM Labs, Inc.

Presenters:  Sylvia Martinez, Constructing Modern Knowledge; Alex Dexheimer, Twin Cities PBS; Dr. Gina Cherkowski, STEM Learning Lab (Canada)

Policy Track

Presenters:  Dr. Sally Johnstone, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) and Foundation for Student Success
Dr. Denise Pearson, State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO)
Dr. Tricia Johnson, Community College of Aurora; Ken Pepion, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

Presenters:  Dr. Reggie Ferreira, Tulane University Dr. Beth Caniglia, Regis UniversityIain Hyde, Department of Local Affairs, State of Colorado

Global Work Skills Track

Presenters:  Delna Weil, Global Nomads Group
Bert Vercamer , AFS International
Christopher Ahearn, Reach the World
Presenters:  Tara Laughlin, PAIRIN
Laura Beving, Cross Purpose; Jeremy Wickenheiser, Denver School of Sciences and Technology Public Schools; Dr. Nicole Gravagna, NeuroEQ; Allison Grenney, PAIRIN
Presenters:  Hope Mukai  and  Dr. Melinda Cain , World Affairs Challenge

Presenter: Lyndsey Anderson and Eleanor Garrett , America Needs You

The presentation will focus on supporting first-generation college students in securing internships. An internship provides essential career experience and is a central stepping-stone to securing full-time employment after graduation; however, low-income, first-generation students face unique challenges in the internship process. This presentation will focus on America Needs You's approach to supporting students in searching for, securing and thriving in an internship experience. Attendees will leave the session with a sense of America Needs You's best practices in leveraging volunteer support, managing relationships with corporate partners who provide internships, and equipping students with tools for success.

Presenters:  Tania Hogan, Julia Trejo (student), Rebecca Buchannan (student), Zainab Hashem (student), University of Colorado Denver

This session will share the unique experiences of first generation students in an undergraduate teacher preparation program, NxtGEN, which specifically recruits, prepares and supports our next generation of diverse and talented teachers. You will hear first-hand experiences and success stories from the students and residency coordinator of how a community of learners was developed and what supports and opportunities are available for students on campus and their school sites. In addition, some ongoing challenges and barriers that they face on campus and at their school sites will be shared with some possible solutions.
Presenter:  Kevin Carter, Adonai Center, Inc.

The roundtable will examine the philosophical and pragmatic rationale behind the Adonai Center's Fellows model which addresses the human capital development needed to enhance the value of African American young males, equip them with professional skills and competencies, enable them to understand their role in society, and position them to compete and survive in a global economy.
Presenter:  Deidre Orriola, University of South Florida

According to the Office of Civil Rights, Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 protects people from discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs which receive federal funds. Typically, adherence to Title IX reminds the reader of funding in men's and women's sports; prevention of sexual harassment and assault; equity in hiring, salary and promotion; and protection for transgender persons. Participants of this roundtable will be able to 1) Examine their institutions barriers and facilitators to gender equity in the context of Title IX, and 2) Develop a plan to address gender equity at their institution.

Presenters:  Dr. Elena Sandoval-Lucero and Dr. Jean Runyon, Front Range Community College

Community colleges have an access mission. The diversity of our students requires effectiveness in educating students who have been underrepresented in higher education. Community colleges must examine how students experience the campus, and improve student outcomes. Campus initiatives promoting inclusion cannot be delivered piecemeal. Employee diversity must increase, and campuses must engage in self-reflection to examine their own assumptions, and have courageous conversations about equity. The impetus for these initiatives must come from leadership and be articulated at all levels of the organization. This session describes the process used to promote inclusion, and increase equity at two Colorado community colleges.

Presenter:  Thomas Leyba, ASU Teacher's College and Time to Teach

Participants learn research-based strategies and best practices for highly effective classroom management. They learn successful techniques that can be used immediately to cut down on 70 percent of low-level discipline problems in the classroom, restoring valuable instructional and learning time and establishing a calmer teaching environment. No repeated warnings, no arguments, no threats. 
Opening Dinner

GlobalMindED and  the PVBLIC Foundation invite you to our Op ening Di nner on the    United Nations Sustainable Develo pment Goals (SDGs) 

This event will kick off the 2018 GlobalMindED Conference that will convene 1,000+ national and global thought leaders in business, education, STEM and more and 100 first-generation-to-college students. 

When: June 9, 2018 at 7:00 pm

GlobalMindED and  HP Inc., Intel, Nvidia, Broadcom, Colorado Technology Association and The Commons on Champa invite you to our Tech Day of Industry
The Tech Day of Industry is an event for inspiring, engaging, and empowering underserved populations and first-generation students - from first gen-high school graduates to first-gen college students - ages 16-19.

Students will spend a half-day with HP and various Northern Colorado companies as part of the GlobalMindED conference. 

When: June 11, 2018 at 8:45 am

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