January 12th, 2017
Vol. 2, Issue 41
Dear Lakeside Parents,

     To be proactive, should a sudden mudslide or other closure make it impossible to get here to pick up your child(ren), please help us in doing the following:
a. identify parents, neighbors, other family members who might be able to pick up your children (this can include anyone on your emergency form, in case you don't remember who you put on it)

b. make contact with those individuals so they agree to help out, in the event of an emergency, and know we may be contacting them

c. email us with your child's name and who those individuals are, including their relationship to the child and a reliable phone number
     In the event of a road closure or something else, we then have more than those on your emergency forms who can assist. When they arrive, we will check identification and have them sign out on the email you sent us. We will keep copious records of which children are going where if they go home with someone other than you and they are checked out through the office. 
     Since we have all of your emails addresses, we can verify the validity of the email addresses when you email us. 
     Please email this info as soon as possible today to -


     As always, we are here to support your children and appreciate the partnership in working with you.


Interim Superintendent & Lead Learner
 19621 Black Road Los Gatos, CA  (408) 354-2372