Covid-19 Update

After extensive discussions over the weekend, we have made the decision to now completely close all operations on the Railway until 6 th April. Realistically this date will probably be extended, but giving ourselves two weeks allows time to see how the pandemic develops and what other guidance comes out.

We had already furloughed retail and catering staff and have now extended this to the engineering staff too. For the same period we are also suspending all voluntary work.

The management team will continue to work remotely, and on a rota basis will still man Wharf and Pendre each weekday morning to deal with any inbound questions and keep an eye on all the premises. Regular checks throughout the Railway will be maintained and CCTV monitored.

Llechfan is now closed to any new residents, the two people currently there will help provide a welcome presence whilst the Railway is unmanned.

We have a long list of work that would be great to get on with whilst we are not running trains, but it’s better to tackle them once the virus is under control, rather than now when it’s in its ascendancy. We will get notice of when we might be able to re-open, and I’m sure we can rely on everyone’s co-operation to achieve that when the time comes and it’s safe to do so.

We would also like to thank everyone who has donated to our 'Virtual Visit' appeal, the impressive results can be seen online

Please stay safe, stay at home where possible, continue to keep in touch through the various media channels and we’ll look forward to all meeting up once this is over.

Stuart Williams - General Manager
David Ventry - Chairman of the Board
Jon Mann - Preservation Society Chairman

23rd March 2020
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