Cloth Face Covering Distribution to Employees
Here’s a chance to show your Bengal pride while you help mitigate the spread of COVID-19! In support of the requirement that the campus community wear cloth face coverings at each of ISU’s campus locations, the university has ordered and is distributing cloth face coverings to faculty, staff, and students. We want to share some information about the distribution process for employees and students. 

Benefits Eligible Faculty and Staff
Starting this week and into next week, approximately 4,000 ISU-branded cloth face coverings will be sent directly to each current benefits eligible member of the faculty and staff through campus mail at all campus locations. Employees can expect to receive an individually labeled mailing envelope that contains two cloth face coverings (one orange and one black) along with instructions for proper use and care. Delivery of these cloth face coverings is expected to be completed no later than the beginning of the fall semester on August 17. 

Face coverings that are undeliverable due to outdated mailing addresses or other delivery errors will be returned to the Bengal Depot (Pocatello). Bengal Depot will make every effort to contact individuals with returned envelopes for updated campus address information. If you are a benefits eligible employee and do not receive your face coverings by Monday, Aug. 10, please complete and submit your request using the Bengal Depot COVID-19 Supplies and Signs Order Form, providing your campus mailing information.

Adjunct Faculty/Instructors, Temporary Employees, and New Hires
We want to ensure all adjunct faculty, instructors, temporary employees and new hires also receive their cloth face coverings. Our current personnel management system does not contain campus mailing addresses for these employee categories. In order to deliver cloth face coverings in a timely manner, we request that all adjuncts, instructors, temporary employees and new hires complete and submit their request for cloth face coverings using the Bengal Depot COVID-19 Supplies and Signs Order Form. When you submit this form, Bengal Depot will use the campus mailing address as entered to deliver your individual package. 

Students and Student Employees
The Division of Student Affairs will be distributing cloth face coverings (one per person) to all students and student employees through a separate distribution process. Tokens will be pre-loaded on student ID cards, and students/student employees can receive a face covering at one of several university distribution points. Additionally, students moving into residence halls will receive one during the move-in process. Student Affairs will be sending distribution information directly to the students. However, if you know of students or student employees in need of cloth face coverings, please advise them of this process, and refer them to the Dean of Students Office ( or (208) 282-2794) for any questions.

Face Shields and Disposable Face Coverings
In addition to cloth face coverings, the university is also in the process of distributing clear face shields to instructors who wish to use them during classroom instruction to enhance voice projection and visibility of the lips for students who are hard of hearing. These should only be used during instructional activities. Additionally, boxes of disposable face coverings will be stocked in all classrooms for instructors to provide to students who may arrive without a face covering. 

While these branded face coverings are being made available to faculty, staff, and students as an option, you are more than welcome to continue using personal face coverings if you wish. Please review the Roaring Back: University Rebound Plan for further information regarding the university’s response to COVID-19 and other protective measures in response to COVID-19. Thank you to all members of the campus community for making use of these face coverings in the interest of the health, safety, and well-being of our campus and communities. 

Idaho State
This email was sent to all Idaho State University faculty and staff.
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