September 2019

Our clothing drive will end today, October 1.  We will be taking our third (and final) load of clothes in tomorrow morning around 9:30 am.  If you have any last-minute donations to drop off, please do that today or early tomorrow morning, at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way. As a reminder, we can take clothes, shoes, purses, belts, towels, bedding, backpacks, or anything fabric-y!  All funds received will support the Reach4Life program. Thanks for your ongoing support of this annual fundraiser!     

Violent xenophobic protests have subsided somewhat but the issue continues to lurk beneath the surface. South Africa has widespread crime, corruption, poverty, and joblessness, and when there are problems, people can be quick to take out their frustration and anger.  In the recent unrest, 794 people were arrested and twelve people were killed (ten South Africans and two Zimbabweans), Hundreds were injured, and buildings and businesses were destroyed. (Xenophobic attacks are not new; in 2008, 62 people were killed.) South Africa's international relations minister, Naledi Pandor, has called for Africa to better manage migration, and suggests that more people should be trained in job skills. Read more in this BBC news article (photo above is taken from article).  We are grateful that the Reach4Life program is not tied to any nationality or political platform, but only focuses on addressing spiritual needs. That makes it a beacon of hope to all people, regardless of the problems and struggles that may be taking place anywhere, at any time. Please continue to pray for peace there and around the world, and for the continued growth and positive influence of the Reach4Life program.  

We receive many testimonies that usually aren't accompanied by a picture, but we believe you would like to hear from these kids. So this month we're sharing a sampling of testimonies from a few locations, from kids with a variety of situations who were able to find hope through the Reach4Life program. We're using pictures from the various areas to give you an idea of where these kids live. Most of the pictures are from the countryside but the program takes place in both urban and rural locations.  Here is a testimony from the North West Province:   

 "I live with my grandmother and my three siblings, our mom passed way after a short sickness. No one told us anything but the rumours in the village said she had died of HIV/AIDS. Many kids shunned me at school. One day a peer educator came to our school and gave us the Reach4Life Bibles. One of the topics which he taught on was Living Loved on page 376. The teaching brought me hope and healed me. I have since given my life to Christ and I go to a born again church nearby. I have made new friends at church. I love going to our R4L group because we laugh, sing and worship Jesus our King together." (There is a large game park in this area.)
  "I have a one year old daughter. Being a teen mom has been the hardest thing ever. The guy was 10 yrs. older than me and he had paid a bridal price for me, it was arranged between our families. He wanted a son and I had a girl child so he went and found another girl. I was ashamed, humiliated and feeling valueless. Since I joined a Reach4Life group in my school I have learnt a lot. My favourite topic was Starting Over, it spoke to me and my situation and our Peer educator went through the same thing. I feel loved by God and I have this new hope that it's not over with my life. I will testify to other girls in my community about the unconditional love of Christ. Thank you for giving me a R4L Bible, I read it every day and my heart is light now."  

"I went for circumcision two years ago and the older boys told us to prove that we were no longer boys but men since we went in the mountain and did the ritual. We each had to have at least 5 girlfriends. I had 7 and last year I fell ill and I was diagnosed with HIV/IDS. I tried committing suicide three times but failed. I felt dead alive. I had caused this to myself by listening to bad advice and bad cultural practice. Reach4Life books were given in my class early Feb this year and a Program was introduced to us. This book answered all my questions and restored my heart. I know I have the disease in my blood but my soul now belongs to Jesus Christ." (Since there are often no roads, Peer Educators walk for miles over hills and rough terrain to reach the schools in this area.)


"Both my parents died last year, months apart. My 2 brothers and I were taken to relatives. An uncle there started to touch me. I did not know what to do or say. A friend told me about a Reach4Life group she goes to in her village. I went there and they were teaching about the cross, the following day they taught about Grace and who's Jesus. I gained courage to tell a teacher and we have since been moved to a better family that loves us. I have started a R4L group in my church youth group and a lot of other kids are coming. It was the R4L Bible that showed me I was loved and not a tool for abuse." 


"Our youth group used to have 10 -13 young people coming on Saturdays. Our youth pastor went to South Africa and came back with a box of R4L Bibles. He took us through the lessons and by next week we were 20 and now we are 35 - 40 each week coming for prayer and the word using our R4L books. The R4L Bibles makes God to be reachable and understandable. We have problems as youth but no one to talks to us most of the time. The R4L book has become my light and guide. We have introduced the R4L Program to other local churches as well in our village and the groups are growing. I want to be a pastor and a Bible collage lecture one day. Two of my cousins have accepted Christ through this book as I shared with them. Thank you to everyone who has helped us receive these great youth Bibles, our lives are changing through God's word."  (Pictured here is a rural area in Mozambique.)

"Reach4Life came to my school at the right time. I had started smoking with a group of cool boys at school and I was getting popular because I hanged out with cool kids. In my R4L book I learned about peer pressure and self-image and I realized I was lost. I have stopped smoking and left the cool gang and joined a R4L group in my school and after school I attend another one in my community in the evening. I feel whole and cooler now that I have Jesus."

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