CCA CPaaS Cup Winner
Phone-C is an application for Google Chrome that takes the user's fixed or mobile phone extension to his or her Gmail mailbox. Recently, Phone-C won the CCA CPaaS CUP. In this podcast Xavier Casajoana, CEO Voz Telecom walks us through his unique innovation and...

The Cloud Communications Alliance has assembled a panel of renowned communications tax experts who will guide you through the implications of the Supreme Court's Wayfair decision, how it impacts your business, and how best to adjust to the new realities of a post-Wayfair tax system in the U.S.

We invite you to join the CCA and our esteemed panel to discuss these risks, as well as the opportunities to implement practical measures designed to manage the scope and cost of compliance while tackling potential risks.

COST - CCA Members - NO CHARGE (Non-Members $99)

WHEN - Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 12:00-1:00 PM Eastern US Time

CCA Amsterdam Regatta June 2019

Please join us for a day of sharing and competition as we launch the first CCA Regatta. As this is a 50/50 business/social event, we urge you to bring you spouse (or "significant other") as we've also arranged a special program for them.

We will start the day at the ROYAL NETHERLANDS YACHT CLUB (outside of Amsterdam) with a CCA members morning meeting. After lunch, the gloves come off and the competition begins!

8 Boats, 8 Captains, 56 CCA Member Sailors and ONE WINNER.

You don't need any prior experience on a boat. We'll teach you what to do.

New CCA Members
Medtel Communications

Founded more than 50 years ago, Medtel Communications continues to brand itself as a global leader in the telecommunications industry. With systems deployed in more than 20,000 organizations, both domestically and internationally, our teams of engineers, developers, technicians and skilled installation professionals remain continuously focused on the vision of helping our channel partners and clients meet their business goals.
Medtel Communications is headquartered in Palmetto, Florida with Data, Support and Development centers strategically located around the country. Our network footprint allows us to provide streamlined service and support and we are honored to work with government agencies, federal prisons, global enterprise-level organizations as well as local and small to mid-size companies.

Our vision has always been to deliver state of the art telecommunications solutions to our partners and end users and we remain ahead of the curve by maintaining a firm grip on the fast-evolving technology and communications industries. Medtel's innovation is most evident in our unified communications platforms where we've successfully merged the old with the new, an idea that leaves other cloud developers falling short. Originating as a PBX manufacturer, we are equipped with expertise in the telecom field, enabling our engineers to continue developing cloud solutions which include traditional PBX functionality. Putting it simply, Medtel Communications understands telecom, the solutions our channel partners seek and the features end users need.
Netaxis Solutions

Established in Brussels, Belgium in 2010 Netaxis Solutions now has 44 members of staff, mostly engineers. We are unusually both a software house and a systems integrator partnering with Broadsoft, Oracle, Ribbon, Audiocodes and most mainstream telco vendors. Our software development teams produce products for VoIP Network Monitoring, Anti Fraud, Session Routing and API Orchestration and we are able to tailor our products to the vastly differing needs of the telecoms customer base.

We are recognised as being amongst the leading specialists in our space and our fast increasing customer base currently comprises 66 Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators in Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA. We have offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Please visit our website at for more information including how to contact us

Why did we join the CCA? We work very closely with telecoms operators and feel that the best way to serve their needs is by getting involved in activities together. For example we are very closely involved with the ITSP Association in the UK and acre active participants in and contributors to their working groups.
Member Podcasts
"This was the best event I've attended yet," says Ivelin Ivanov, is Co-founder Telestax, in relation to having been at several Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) conferences over recent years. In. this this podcast, Ivanov reflects on the rapid evolution of the cloud...
"At Alianza, with our mission, we are all about helping people to connect in new and innovative ways," says Alianza CEO and Founder, Brian Beutler. In this podcast we learn how Alianza marked many new millstones in 2018, having achieved a level of 50% year of over...
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