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As a perk of digitial economy, the entire business world is transforming tremendously. We have come a long way from nowhere to a technologically full-powered life. The online broadcasting, collaboration, and communications world has changed a lot with group video and live streaming. Many Real-Time video codec serving sectors like E-learning, Media and Information, Corporate Businesses are always in search of better quality and increased bandwidth.

Many cross functioning teams work together in different companies to complete a certain project within time. The very important thread between them to complete such a vast project is nothing but communication on time. Before, due to lack of proper communication within cross functioning teams, projects get delayed. Today workforces communicate frequently online to get work done within time and more qualitative. It is a need to provide a real-time communication platform for such forces.

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The CCaaS era is about to move into top gear. Over the past decade many business operational technologies have moved to cloud whilst contact centres have remained on prem. With the introduction of a number of cloud native offerings, the next 3-5 years will see a steady transformation of CC infrastructure to CCaaS.
"Our target audience for our newest software packages are in the wheelhouse of the CCA (Cloud Communications Alliance)," says Alan Percy, CMO of TelcoBridges. "They're mostly being deployed either in virtualized or in full cloud environments," says Percy.
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