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The following Advisory Memorandum examines recent actions by the Federal Communications Commission and the potential short and long-term implications of these actions on providers of Interconnected VoIP services (including Two-Way and One-Way service variations).

Is the past prologue?

FCC regulation of "One-Way Interconnected VoIP Services[1]" appears to be trending down the same path traveled by Two-Way Interconnected VoIP Services beginning 15 Years Ago.

And at the end of the yellow brick road isn't Oz, but rather USF Fees!

The Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") opened two proceedings in the month of December 2019 which should grab the attention of any company offering VoIP services or competing in the Cloud Communications marketplace. Providers of so-called "One-Way" VoIP services (which is either a subset or a substitute for what the FCC previously defined as "Non-Interconnected VoIP") should be particularly concerned about the recent FCC activity, as all signs point to a future of increased regulatory scrutiny and financial burdens. Dare we even mention the three most-dreaded letters in the entire Telecom Universe?

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