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Computer Science PhD student Vishal Shrivastav received the Best Poster Award at the Cornell Cloud Workshop on May 3 for Shoal: A Network Architecture for Disaggregated Racks.  Vishal is flanked on his right by his advisor Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon . Vishal is also congratulated by Dr. Richard New, VP Research, Western Digital and H. K. Verma, Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx.
FLASH MEMORY SUMMIT 2019, August 6-8, 2019, Santa Clara, CA

 For the fifth consecutive year, the IAP will host a booth for student posters at the Flash Memory Summit, August 6-8, in the Santa Clara Convention Center. Last year was the most heavily trafficked Summit to date, with ~5000 attendees. Visit us this year in Booth 745 in the FMS Theater.  Full-time students may  register here for free access using the priority code EDULOC19.
Stanford PhD student Tushar Swamy (above) will present a poster at the Flash Memory Summit. In the photo, he describes his research to attendees at the Stanford-UCSC Cloud Workshop last December. Tushar is advised by Prof. Kunle Olukotun.
Prof. Onur Mutlu (left), ETH Zurich and Dr. Saugata Ghose (right), Carnegie Mellon University chat amidst the student posters with an FMS attendee at FMS 2018. (Please see the Awards section below for news about Prof. Mutlu's reception of the 2019 Maurice Wilkes Award).

Flash Memory Summit 2019 Keynotes by IAP Industry Sponsors 

Data-centric Architecture for the Zettabyte Age, Dr. Siva Sivaram,
EVP, Silicon Technology & Manufacturing, Western Digital , Tuesday, August 6th, 11:40 am

Innovative Chipset Solutions for Accelerating the Data Economy, Nigel Alvares, VP SSD and Data Center Storage Solutions, Marvell,  Wednesday, August 7th, 2:10 pm

The Key to Accelerating High-Speed Storage Systems, Salil Raje, EVP and General Manager, Data Center Group, Xilinx , Wednesday, August 7th, 2:40 pm

Please see the  FMS event site for additional info. 



The  Cornell Cloud Workshop was co-organized by Prof. José F. Martínez and the IAP on Friday May 3 on the Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY. 

Speakers and presentation titles are listed below (alphabetical order). The agenda, abstract and bios are posted on the agenda page.

  • Prof. Ken Birman, Cornell, Computer Science, “Using Derecho to Build Smart and Responsive Cloud Services for IoT Applications”
  • Prof. Christina Delimitrou, Cornell, ECE, “Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve Performance Predictability in Cloud Microservices”
  • Prof. Chris De Sa, Cornell, Computer Science,“Distributed Learning with Compressed Communication”
  • Dr. Yang Seok Ki, Samsung, Sr. Director and Architect of Memory Solutions Lab, “Opportunities and Challenges in Computational Storage”
  • Dr. Jian Li, Huawei, Sr. Director of Research and Planning, “Case Studies of ICT Platform and Its Applications”
  • Prof.José Martínez, Cornell, ECE, “PARTIES: QoS-Aware Resource Partitioning for Multiple Interactive Services”
  • Dr. Ed McLellan, Marvell, Distinguished Engineer, “Computing on the Mobile Edge”
  • Dr. Richard New, Western Digital, VP Engineering, “The Changing Landscape of Data – New Storage Device Technologies, Interface Models, andStorage Architectures”
  • Prof. Kevin Tang, Cornell, ECE, “Towards Autonomous Fine-Grained Network Management”
  • Prof. Robbert van Renesse, Cornell, Computer Science, “X-Containers: Breaking Down Barriers to Improve Performance and Isolation of Cloud-Native Containers”
  • H. K. Verma, Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx, “Database Acceleration using FPGAs” 
  • Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell, Computer Science, “The Edge Supercloud: Blockchains for the Edge”
  • Dr. Carole-Jean Wu, Facebook, Research Scientist, “Machine Learning at Scale”

Please see photos and additional info about the Cornell Workshop on the  event page.


The University of Texas Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing will be conducted on Tuesday December 10, 2019 on the UT Austin campus in the Gates Dell Complex. This will be the second IAP Cloud Workshop at UT Austin. Please watch for updates regarding the agenda and registration.


The 24th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems ( ASPLOS 2019), Providence, RI, April 13-17, 2019

PARTIES: QoS-Aware Resource Partitioning for Multiple Interactive Services
S. Chen, C. Delimitrou, and J.F. Martínez.

Zhiming Shen, Zhen Sun, Gur-Eyal Sela, Eugene Bagdasaryan, Christina Delimitrou, Robbert Van Renesse, Hakim Weatherspoon

Max Willsey, Ashley P. Stephenson, Chris Takahashi, Pranav Vaid, Bichlien H. Nguyen, Christine Betts, Sharon Newman, Sarang Joshi, Karin Strauss, Luis Ceze

Mingyu Gao, Xuan Yang, Jing Pu, Mark Horowitz, Christos Kozyrakis

Swamit Tannu, Moinuddin Qureshi

46th International Symposium on Computer Architecture, Phoenix, AZ, June 22-26, 2019

Grant Ayers, Nayana Prasad Nagendra, David I. August, Hyoun Kyu Cho, Svilen Kanev, Christos Kozyrakis, Trivikram Krishnamurthy, Heiner Litz, Tipp Moseley, Parthasarathy Ranganathan

CROW: A Low-Cost Substrate for Improving DRAM Performance, Energy Efficiency, and Reliability
Hasan Hassan, Minesh Patel (ETH Zurich); Jeremie S. Kim (Carnegie Mellon University; ETH Zurich); A. Giray Yaglikci (ETH Zurich); Nandita Vijaykumar (Carnegie Mellon University; ETH Zurich); Nika Mansouri Ghiasi (ETH Zurich); Saugata Ghose (Carnegie Mellon University); Onur Mutlu (ETH Zurich; Carnegie Mellon University)

New Attacks and Defense for Encrypted-Address Cache
Moinuddin K Qureshi (Georgia Tech)

Scalable Interconnects for Reconfigurable Spatial Architectures
Yaqi Zhang, Alexander Rucker, Matthew Vilim, Raghu Prabhakar, William Hwang, Kunle Olukotun (Stanford University)

CoNDA: Enabling Efficient Near-Data Accelerator Communication by Optimizing Data Movement
Amirali Boroumand, Saugata Ghose (Carnegie Mellon University); Minesh Patel (Carnegie Mellon University, ETH); Rachata Ausavarungnirun (Carnegie Mellon University, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok); Hasan Hassan (Carnegie Mellon University, ETH); Brandon Lucia, Kevin Hsieh (Carnegie Mellon University); Nastaran Hajinazar (Carnegie Mellon University, Simon Fraser University); Krishna T. Malladi, Hongzhong Zheng (Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.); Onur Mutlu (ETH, Carnegie Mellon University)

2019 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Renton, WA, July 10-12, 2019

Sadjad Fouladi, Francisco Romero, Dan Iter, Qian Li, Shuvo Chatterjee, Christos Kozyrakis, Matei Zaharia, and Keith Winstein

M. Liu, S. Peter, A. Krishnamurthy, M. Phothilimthana

Patrick Stuedi, Animesh Trivedi, Jonas Pfefferle, Ana Klimovic, Adrian Schuepbach, Bernard Metzler. 

SIGCOMM 2019, Beijing, August 19-24, 2019

M. Liu, T. Cui, H. Schuh, A. Krishnamurthy, S. Peter, K. Gupta

Y. Jin, R. Sundararajan, G. Ananthanarayanan, J. Jiang, V. Padmanabhan, M. Schroder, M. Calder, A. Krishnamurthy

Muhammad Shahbaz, Lalith Suresh, Jennifer Rexford, Nick Feamster, Ori Rottenstreich, and Mukesh Hira

Zaoxing Liu, Ran Ben-Basat, Gil Einziger, Yaron Kassner, Vladimir Braverman, Roy Friedman, Vyas Sekar 


Ion Stoica and Devin Petersohn.
Hacking Distributed   is a blog hosted by Prof. Emin Gün Sirer for "everyday techies building real systems people use, and their still-with-it-and-technical CTOs".

Prof. Ken Birman hosts a prolific blog on distributed systems. His recent posts are regarding the challenges of IoT and a new systems approach he calls intelligent real-time IoT .


The 2019 ACM SIGARCH Maurice Wilkes Award goes to IAP Advisor Prof. Onur Mutlu for "innovative contributions in efficient and secure DRAM systems." The award is given annually for an outstanding contribution to computer architecture made by an individual whose computer-related professional career started no earlier than January 1st of the year that is 20 years prior to the year of the award. Prof. Mutlu joins other IAP Advisors who have won this prestigious award - Christos Kozyrakis and David Brooks.


Congrats to IAP Advisor Prof. Daniel Sanchez, one of seventeen appointments made within the School of Engineering. Announced June 3, 2019

Congrats to Ana, the Best Poster Award Winner at the 2018 Stanford-UCSC Cloud Workshop.


Jeremy Fowers, Kalin Ovtcharov, Michael K. Papamichael, Todd Massengill, Ming Liu, Daniel Lo, Shlomi Alkalay, Michael Haselman, Logan Adams, Mahdi Ghandi, Stephen Heil, Prerak Patel, Adam Sapek, Gabriel Weisz, Lisa Woods, Sitaram Lanka, Steven K. Reinhardt, Adrian M. Caulfield, Eric S. Chung, Doug Burger

Yatish Turakhia, Gill Bejerano, William J. Dally

Martin Maas, Krste Asanovic, John Kubiatowicz

Sagar Karandikar, Howard Mao, Donggyu Kim, David Biancolin, Alon Amid, Dayeol Lee, Nathan Pemberton, Emmanuel Amaro, Colin Schmidt, Aditya Chopra, Qijing Huang, Kyle Kovacs, Borivoje Nikolić, Randy Howard Katz, Jonathan Bachrach, Krste Asanović


July 17, 2019

July 11, 2019

June 20, 2019

June 19, 2019

June 11, 2019

April 29, 2019

April 3, 2019

Cisco hired an outstanding developer, Mark Barrasso, out of this course a few years ago. Scroll down to the bottom of our projects page ( ) for details about Mark’s project team and view actual demos that were presented to Cisco customers at CiscoLive in San Diego. 

Prof. Orran Krieger at BU and Prof. Peter Desnoyers at Northeastern both presented at our 2018 MIT Workshop ( ) and collaborate with MIT and Harvard in the Mass Open Cloud initiative. This Fall they are again seeking mentors for their cloud computing course ( )Feel free to contact us for more details and our experience assisting academia and industry with these projects as well as other highly successful capstones at Cornell and CMU.

From the recent IAP Cloud Workshops at Cornell and jointly hosted by Stanford and UCSC.
Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell Computer Science - "I have participated in three IAP Workshops since the very first one at Cornell and it is great to see that the IAP premise was a success now as it was then, bringing together industry and academia in a focused workshop and an all-day exchange of ideas. It was a fantastic experience and I look forward to the next IAP Workshop.”
Dr. Carole Jean-Wu, Facebook Research - "The IAP Cloud Computing workshop provides a great channel for valuable interactions between faculty/students and the industry participants. I truly enjoyed the venue learning about research problems and solutions that are of great interest to Facebook, as well as the new enabling technologies from the industry representatives. The smaller venue and the poster session fostered an interactive environment for in-depth discussions on the proposed research and approaches and sparked new collaborative opportunities. Thank you for organizing this wonderful event! It was very well run.”
Vishal Shrivastav, PhD Student, Cornell Computer Science, Best Poster Award Winner - "Attending the IAP workshop was a great experience and very rewarding. I really enjoyed the many amazing talks from both the industry and academia. My personal conversations with several industry leaders at the workshop will definitely guide some of my future research."
Ed McClellan, Distinguished Engineer, Marvell - "Once again, the workshop proved to be an outstanding opportunity to view consistently interesting presentations and interact with top professors and researchers. The poster session adds a dimension to discuss some innovative ideas and quality work with up and coming students”. 
HK Verma, Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx - "Thank you for organizing. It was great to see academia and industry discussing next gen problems. I was impressed with the workshop and enjoyed the conversations!”
Edward Tremel, PhD Student, Cornell Computer Science - "This workshop is a great opportunity to learn about what's going on in the cloud computing industry, and to talk about my research work with an interested and knowledgeable audience."
Dr. Richard New, VP Research, Western Digital - "IAP workshops provide a great opportunity to meet with professors and students working at the cutting edge of their fields. It was a pleasure to attend the event in Cornell – lots of very interesting presentations and posters.”
Prof. José Martínez, Cornell Computer Systems Laboratory, IAP Advisor - "The IAP Cloud Computing workshop always proves to be an exciting event. I especially appreciate the 50/50 split between presentations by Cornell and industry researchers: The agenda covers a broad swath of hot topics and perspectives in a single day, with an engaging and thought-provoking crossfire of questions. Active student participation throughout is another key contributor to the workshop’s success. I’m already looking forward to the next one.”

Professor Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford, IAP Advisor  - “As a starting point, I think of these IAP workshops as ‘Hot Chips meets ISCA’, i.e., an intersection of industry’s newest solutions in hardware (Hot Chips) with academic research in computer architecture (ISCA); but more so, these workshops additionally cover new subsystems and applications, and in a smaller venue where it is easy to discuss ideas and cross-cutting approaches with colleagues.” 
Professor Heiner Litz, UC Santa Cruz  - "The IAP workshops represent extremely valuable events for all attendees including industry members, students and faculty. On my side, multiple project collaborations and student internships have evolved from these meetings leading to a win-win-win situation for all participants.” 

Ana Klimovic, PhD student, Stanford - “I have attended three IAP workshops and I am consistently impressed by the quality of the talks and the breadth of the topics covered. These workshops bring top-tier industry and academia together to discuss cutting-edge research challenges. It is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and get inspiration for new research opportunities." 
Nathan Pemberton, PhD student, UC Berkeley - "IAP workshops provide a valuable chance to explore emerging research topics with a focused group of participants, and without all the time/effort of a full-scale conference. Instead of rushing from talk to talk, you can slow down and dive deep into a few topics with experts in the field." 

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