Cloud Study: Change Migration, a Not-Quite Retrospective

WHAT:  Cloud Study: Change Migration, a Not-Quite Retrospective

WHEN: Wednesday November 15th

TIME: 5:30-8:30pm

WHERE: Seattle Yacht Club
1807 E Hamlin St, Seattle, WA 98112
Pricing before Nov 7th:
Members - $39 Non-Members - $79 | Member & Guest - $98
Pricing Nov 8th and Until Event - Standard Rate/ Walk In Rate: 
Members - $49 Non-Members - $89 | Member & Guest - $108
E xplore the motivations, sequence, and details of how we delivered changed the way we software at Zonar Systems. Join us as Arun will present on what aspires to be more of a discussion about the successes and challenges of a software cultural shift. This is not limited to technology either, there are historical cultural challenges too. What is unique about Arun’s approach is to share real-time feedback while in the software migration process. Arun will share where Zonar is today and where they want to go next.


Arun Jacob
Zonar Systems
VP Software Development
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