October 31, 2017
Your Weekly Bulletin
CloudCoin excitement
UFC champion Georges St-Pierre recommended CloudCoin to hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram .
CloudCoin inventor Sean Worthington’s book Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency is now available.
CloudCoin making news
Sean’s book is getting lots of attention in the media. He’s appeared on almost a dozen programs throughout North America during the past week and will be a guest on Glenn Beck's nationally syndicated TheBlaze Network this week. His appearances have sparked a lot of interest about CloudCoin and heightened demand for the world's most 'perfect currency'.
Learn more about CloudCoin & RAIDA
All this attention has people asking us “How can we find out more?”
You can:
  • Go to cloudoin.global and check out the “Services” section.
  • Let your friends know how to get Sean’s book and their own free CloudCoins.
  • Remember that Bitcoin trades for over $6,000, but started out exactly where CloudCoin is now!