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A Note From Erik Littlejohn
In January of this year, I wrote about how excited most of us were to say farewell to 2020 and how much I looked forward to having more opportunities for in-person interactions. Over the past several weeks, I have been fortunate to average around 3 days in the office and am starting to see familiar faces in-person more frequently. Like a lot of others, I’ve started re-calibrating my daily routines to shake off the pandemic-induced changes to my schedule.
The bad news is that I needed to wakeup 30-45 minutes earlier to squeeze in a workout. The good news, as my wife will vouch for, is that I can decompress with a podcast during my ride home. It’s a little routine in my daily schedule that I lost over the past 14+ months. So, while I don’t necessarily love commuting, the transition time it provides is much better than walking straight from a Microsoft Teams video call to the dinner table. I usually learn something new on my home and my family doesn’t need to hear me vent about the latest software bug introduced by Vendor X.

That being said, the COVID-19 pandemic also helped reinforce positive changes or trends. For example, almost everyone I talk with speaks about how much more they value flexible work arrangements. Some people will likely return to 5 days a week in the office, but a large number of folks will leverage what they learned in working remotely over the past 12 months to work in a more hybrid fashion going forward. We also think that COVID-19 has reinforced the need for all organizations to embrace a cloud transformation strategy. Having cloud as a part of your IT strategy can help solve problems like:

  • Recovering from a security breach/issue by having an air-gapped back-up residing in private and/or public clouds.
  • Mitigating budget and resource constraints by having flexible OPEX consumption models that can solve any number of challenges for organizations (avoid CAPEX, flex resources up and down, predictability, etc.)
  • Reduce time to deployment by not having to wait for procurement and supply chain cycles.

Our post-COVID world won’t look exactly like things did in January of 2020, but it’s all about striking a balance between old and new ways of working and living. For me that means getting to listen to more podcasts while driving to and from work, but also having to get up earlier to make my daily schedule work. It also means that organizations need to work better and efficiently using resources enabled through the cloud. How will you strike that balance?
Case Study: Kings Daughters Medical Center
Like many hospitals, Kings Daughters Medical Center sought a hosting solution that would not only operate their system and protect their data but provide a seamless transition to access their data during an emergency.
CloudWave In The Media
CloudWave is proud to announce that we have been selected by Modern Healthcare as one of the 2021 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. 

“We’ve always believed that our company’s strength lies in our people. We are proud of the strong team we’ve built and work hard to foster a culture where our employees feel valued. We’re honored to be recognized for these efforts on Modern Healthcare’s list of Best Places to Work in Healthcare.” said Erik Littlejohn, CloudWave’s President and CEO. “The success of our business depends on our employees and their commitment to delivering exceptional service. We invest in our employees and provide the tools they need to succeed. As a result, we have employees who are dedicated to working as a cohesive team, delivering a great customer experience, and ensuring the success of our customers.”

Matt Donahue, CTO of CloudWave was a guest last month on Cyber Pro Files podcast, 5 Questions in 9 Minutes Matt discussed the importance of having a Disaster Recovery plan for your hospital, CloudWave's values and his favorite retro technology.


OpSus Cloud Now Requires Multi-Factor Authentication

CloudWave takes our commitment to the safety of your systems and your users very seriously.

The responsibility of keeping systems secure rests with all of us, and we're taking every action to eliminate vulnerabilities with a defense-in-depth approach to security that protects every layer of our OpSus environment - with technical, physical, and administrative controls.

As we announced in December, compromised user credentials and account takeover is quickly becoming the leading cause of privacy breaches, gaining more than a 31% year-over-year increase, we have made the decision to require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all users accessing systems in OpSus. Since 2017, account take over has accounted for more than 6 billion dollars in losses and fines.

Multi-factor authentication introduces a second requirement for any user attempting to log-in to their account or application. If the username and password are accepted, the user will then be prompted to provide a 2nd piece of evidence, often a unique, quickly expiring code generated at the moment of request and sent to the user’s device. This greatly reduces the chance of a malicious actor gaining access to a user account if they had previously garnered that user’s password.

CloudWave has already implemented MFA for all our internal users and as of
January 01, 2021, it will be mandatory for all new OpSus customers.

For our current OpSus Customers, we understand it may take some time to get a solution in place and have therefore extended this deadline. We ask that all existing OpSus Live customers implement an MFA solution by January 01, 2022.

Meet Mark Nickerson
Customer Success Manager at CloudWave

Many CloudWave employees have spent their careers in healthcare IT.

With a career that has spanned over two decades, Mark Nickerson has deep roots in healthcare IT. Beginning in 1998 at JJWild, Mark tested and installed early MAGIC systems for MEDITECH recalling his early days as “Early tech and very primitive.”

In 2007, Mark managed a team of engineers who installied the on-premise systems in hospitals when JJWild transitioned into Perot Systems and then into Dell. As the industry began moving into Cloud solutions, so did Mark. He joined CloudWave in 2014 managing the traveling engineers, many who were some of his favorite co-workers at JJWild.

Today, in his role as Customer Success Manager, Mark acts as an escalation point for the customer within operational processes. “It’s a great position to be able to hear from the customer,” he claims. “We hold regular meetings with customers to review their current environment and track possible concerns we can assist with.”

Acting as an as advocate, Mark also helps with the customer change orders so that they are processed seamlessly.

When asked what he likes most about working in healthcare Mark states, “It’s the people. Both the customers and the engineers. It would make for a very long day if they weren’t as interesting and fun as they are.”

Blog Article
CloudWave Welcomes Healthcare Staffing and Consulting Partner ettain health

No that is not a typo! Our new friends at ettain health use lowercase, IMHO, because they want to deliver the message that they are there to serve their customer and to keep them in focus. Forrester Research’s 2021 business best practices for cloud IT emphasize the inherent value of customers undergoing digital transformation working with complementary, like-minded partners. Around 6000 years earlier, the writer of the old testament wisdom book Ecclesiastes simply said “A cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken.” (4:12) From my point of view the things we can help our customers accomplish working with ettain health are far greater than what we could do alone.

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Customer Security Update

Please join security experts at CloudWave and our partner Fortified Health Security for an overview of the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape in healthcare. 

CloudWave hosts quarterly security updates to help our customers stay up to date on current trends and threats. These sessions are meant to be interactive, and we invite you to bring your questions!

In Partnership with Fortified Health Security
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