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Educational Session
1090 - Proactive Security Response to Ransomware - What We Learned in 2018 
Mike Donahue and Jim Fitzgerald  
Scheduled: Wednesday May 29 at 1:30 pm 

Since 2016, we have assisted an average of six hospitals a year in identifying, eliminating, and recovering from Ransomware attacks in their on-premise computing environments. Some were precipitated by outside hackers, while some were unwitting user responses to phishing attacks. Join us to examine security incident trends, current best practices, and security incident response techniques. Information will be drawn from de-identified real-life case studies. Participants will learn about the current trends in healthcare security incidents and best practices for designing, monitoring, and managing in today's current threat environment. Tips for proactively minimizing your "attack surface" will be reviewed as well as ways to successfully manage and respond to security incidents.

Product Showcase Session
505 - Keys to Ransomware Survival: OpSus Recover with Cybercrisis Vault
Presenters: Jacob Wheeler and Rich Teich
Organizations: CloudWave; Interbit Data
Scheduled: Thursday May 30 at 1:45 pm

It is an uncomfortable truth in healthcare IT security that we cannot keep everyone out. Ransomware and malware attacks are increasing in frequency and continuously evolving in complexity. Persistent healthcare data is more valuable to us, and therefore more valuable to hackers, than any other kind of data. When access to this data is disrupted, it threatens patient safety, staff workflow, hospital liability and the bottom line. It is equally important to prepare for an inevitable attack as it is to prevent it.

 CloudWave's OpSus Recover combined with Interbit Data's NetSafe CyberCrisis Vault provides a comprehensive solution to respond to cyberattacks. With Recover you can quickly restore your critical MEDITECH systems with minimal data loss. The CyberCrisis Vault buys a hospital time to continue to care for patients until the system is restored or a hospital's disaster recovery plan is put into place. The Vault provides immediate access for clinicians to the most essential patient information such as eMAR, MPI, Census and forms via the NetSafe application so that your staff can continue to deliver care. Join Jacob Wheeler, Product Manager at CloudWave, and Rich Teich, Downtime Product Specialist at Interbit Data, to explore how OpSus Recover with CyberCrisis Vault can help you continue operations and restore data in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Product Showcase Session
506 - Enhancing MEDITECH Availability with Zero Downtime Patching Services
Presenter:  Matt Donahue, CloudWave
Scheduled: Friday May 31 at 9:00 am

As clinicians integrate EHR and EMR technology into their everyday workflow, hospitals operating MEDITECH applications are increasingly challenged to reduce or eliminate downtime incurred as a result of technical, operational, or security problems. As architect, implementer, and operator of over 300 MEDITECH environments of every possible version spanning on-premise private cloud, public cloud, and managed cloud services, CloudWave has a perspective on security and availability management grounded in daily operations and support.
CloudWave's CTO, Matt Donahue, will enhance your understanding of the sources of planned downtime in MEDITECH systems and provide an overview of how CloudWave can help hospitals reduce and eliminate downtime due to security incursions, system or technology failures, and software related issues. You'll learn how technical design best practices and defense-in-depth security techniques, combined with CloudWave's Zero Downtime Patching Service can maximize overall systems availability.

MUSE Inspire Conference 
May 29-31, 2019
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