Club Hours & AC
I was so excited to send out the email about the club opening last night I forgot to mention several important items.

Club Hours
M-F: 6am - 8pm
Sat/Sun: 7am - 7pm
(Lap Swimmers, please note that the pool will open at 6am (M-F) as well!)

AC vs. Fresh Air
The club will turn off all air conditioning units and use only fresh air from windows and doors. We have installed a window in the cardio area that opens to allow for air flow.
We made this decision after discussing, in great length, air quality with an engineer who specializes in HVAC units. Even with the best of filters (which we installed during the fires), it is not nearly as safe to use AC as it is to turn it off and rely on fresh air.
We understand on hot days, the workout areas will get quite warm and we will keep the AC on all night to give us a fighting chance.
Thank you for your understanding.