Volume 87 Issue 51 | December 6, 2020
Jacksonville Florida's Oldest Business and Civic Organization Founded in 1932

This week we welcome Giselle Carson, a business immigration and compliance attorney as she speaks to us of business immigration through the pandemic.

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Last week we welcomed Rick Catlitt, President and CEO of the Gator Bowl Association. He gave a very informative talk on the upcoming Gator Bowl and how Covid has affected the sport this year. We also voted on our 2021 Slate Of Officers to prepare for an exciting new year!

Walter Smith
2020 President
There is such a thing as free lunch!! Bring a guest to our meeting and they eat FREE!
2021 Board
Board of Directors:
3-year term:
KC Padgett
Ben Williams
2-Year Term:
Charles McBurney
Single Year Term:
Abby Smitha Dungy
Brandon Stanko
1st VP:
Jeff Volpe
2nd VP
Jeanne Maron
3rd VP
Michael Best
4th VP
Sgt at Arms
Janessa Timpone