Dear LSF Members,

We appreciate your understanding as we are trying to get back up and running under the current rules and regulations from the state and city. Thanks for everyone who has come to the club and complied with all of the rules related to wearing masks, social distancing, and so on. We know it feels weird, but we all need to do it so that we can help protect each other and make sure LSF and our community at large stay healthy! The better we all are at doing at this, the faster we will be able to move into Phase 4 of the reopening. Thanks for your great Covid-19 beating behaviors!
Membership Changes & Billing Update
First, we are bringing back our team as we can afford to do so and as they are available. This means that we are operating with a skeleton crew making it all hands on deck directing and properly sanitizing all areas that members visit. We are looking forward to getting the rest of our team up and running in Phase 4 and being able to address other concerns such as membership cancellations or holds. 

In addition, to ensure that no one was billed while we were closed, we essentially shut down our computer system. This will take a bunch of work to get back up and running. Please remember, that we have not charged anyone incremental dues for June, and we promise that we will provide an option for people to change their memberships before we charge you again. We will also address credits for programs that were curtailed because of the closure at that point in time. Finally, we have a well-earned reputation for being fair and professional – we intend to live up to that reputation. Once we are ready to process holds or cancellations, we will provide this information via email and there will be an electronic form to complete. 
Summer Camp
We are excited to share that summer camps will launch on June 15th with limited capacity but with the same great camp experiences, including weekly themes, dress up days, opening & closing ceremonies, craft activities, science, music, sports, great food options and more! We are excited to offer traditional day camps and tennis camps as well as a half-day camp option. We have a huge outdoor area to utilize for camp programming and will also use area outdoor parks. Most activities will take place outdoors, but we will have specific indoor spaces reserved for a break from the weather. For more information, contact
Harvest Restaurant
We are also excited to share that Harvest, our outdoor rooftop restaurant at Lincoln Park, will be opening for dinner service starting on Friday, June 12th. We will have great food and beverage options, available on both the kids' side of the roof and the adult side, allowing for plenty of social distancing between tables. We also have ample space under our canopy and the indoor areas with large open doors to fully comply with city requirements. We will require reservations and limit tables to 6 or fewer. Please check the MyLSF app Wednesday afternoon for when reservations become available. Reservations for dining will be made under the bookings tab of the app.
Other Frequently Asked Questions
Can I come in and workout by myself?

During Phase 3 of the reopening plan, State/City guidelines allow indoor 1-on-1 training only. As a result, we have created the C20 training program. This program provides you with a trainer who will sanitize for you, ensure physical distancing in compliance with regulations as needed, and otherwise be unobtrusive to you while you work out on any modality you would like (including weight floor, cardio equipment, various studios, racquetball or squash courts, etc.). We are offering this program at $15 per hour which is below our cost to help you get back to your routine. Many people have decided that since they are not paying any dues for June, they can just allocate their normal dues to the cost of the C20 trainer and get in 10+ workouts.

Can I use both clubs during Phase?

Yes, during this weird time we know things are in transition for everyone so we are allowing all members to have access to both clubs. 

How do group fitness class reservations work?

Reservations may be made up to 7 days ahead of time. Classes are $10 per session. If a class is cancelled because of rain or low attendance, you will not be charged and you will get an email from our system letting you know. Classes are limited to 10 people per class based on government guidelines. 

What programs, services, and offerings can I utilize at the club right now?

  • General Fitness: All exercise equipment is available to use by an individual accompanied by a C20 trainer with a reservation for $15/hr
  • Tennis: Private 1-on-1 indoor lessons and group outdoor lessons are available at normal rates, and rooftop court reservations are also available
  • Squash: Private 1-on-1 indoor lessons at normal rates, or hit by yourself with a C20 trainer for $15/hr
  • Lap Lane Swimming: Available with a C20 trainer for $15/hr
  • Outdoor Pool Usage: Available with a free reservation and each reservation can accommodate a maximum of 10 members
  • Group Classes (cycling, yoga, HIIT, kids exercise): Outdoors with a maximum of 10 people, subject to reservation for $10/class
  • Basketball: Outdoor court available with a free reservation
  • Personal Training: Both outdoors and indoors available at normal rates
  • Climbing: Available for 1-on-1 use with a climbing instructor at normal rates
  • Outdoor Dining: Harvest restaurant opening on Friday, reservations required and limited to members and their invited guests only
  • Summer Camp: Starting on June 15th. For more information, please contact
  • Paddle Tennis: Court reservations and lessons available at normal rates
How do I make reservations?

Reservations can be made via the MyLSF App ( Apple, Android). If you need us to re-send you your membership credentials, kindly email We also recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app if you are having problems getting it to work properly. 

Are guests allowed?

At this point, we are not allowing any guests. We are, however, offering weekly memberships with no long-term commitment for $40 per week. Please contact if you have an interest in a temporary membership.
We hope that the above information is helpful in navigating your return to the club. We will continue to communicate information to you via email and on our website at as we learn more and further develop our phased reopening plan under the direction and guidance of our local officials.

In Good Health,

The Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Team