We need your help

Dear Club Presidents,

I am writing to enlist your help in preserving our Georgia Federation of Women's Club history.

Historic preservation is a conversation with our past about our future. It provides us with opportunities to ask, "What is important in our history?" and "What parts of our past can we preserve for the future?" My goal for this term is to look at our history in different ways, ask different questions of the past, and learn new things about our history and club work. Preserving our history is a very important way for us to transmit our understanding of the past to future generations and assists us in telling our stories to the public as well as our current and future members.

Historic preservation involves celebrating events, people, places, and ideas that we are proud of while bringing awareness of the importance of women's clubs in the past, present and future.

Please help us by answering 8 questions about your local club.

Thank you,

Jennifer Spivey

[email protected]

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