Safety & Sanitization Protocols Overview
Your safety is of the utmost importance to us as we reopen the clubs. We've consulted with third-party resources in infection control, as well as doctors and hospital managers to advise us on making our business safe for you and our team members. As a result, we have invested in a wide array of solutions to allow for physical distancing and intensified our cleaning regimens with the addition of several new advanced technologies. 

There are many differences you will see each time you visit, such as our team wearing KN-95 masks, new directional signage for one-way traffic to enhance physical distancing, spaced out cardio equipment, and much more. 

There are differences you will notice as you participate in programs, such as staggered group fitness class start times to alleviate congestion in high-traffic areas or disinfecting equipment in studios and on tennis courts, such as ball hoppers, between each use. 

We have created workout pods which you can reserve on our website: each pod is 120 square feet and contains a piece of cardio equipment, an exercise mat, and your choice of dumbbells, bands, etc. Pods will be disinfected between each use. 

There are also many differences you won’t see, such as our tuned up HVAC system along with new high-end air filters to better purify our air along with our use of OMNI PURO Sentry UV light disinfecting stations (the same technology used in ICU hospital rooms) and Clorox360 electrostatic disinfection system, both of which will be used when members are not present but will provide us the ability to disinfect better. 

We have retained an “Inspector General” who will be using hospital-grade ATP testing to ensure our disinfecting processes are killing all bacteria and viruses and audit all of our cleaning processes. We have also trained our staff on best-in-class practices for disinfecting, physical distancing, and use of PPE to maximize everyone’s safety. 

We do ask that you help do your part to maintain physical distancing, follow directional signage to navigate the club and cleanliness — if not for your personal safety, then for the benefit of your fellow members and our team members. 

Below is a list of many of the solutions we have put in place, and we are constantly adding new ones in accordance with CDC guidelines, member and team member feedback, as well as best practices from other clubs and others in the hospitality industry. Keep us posted on what you are seeing and how we can continue to make you feel safe!

Partial list of additional COVID-19 protocols:
  • We welcome everyone to come to the club unless you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have recently been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • All members and staff will be required to complete a health acknowledgment form online which confirms that you will not come to the club if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 and that you will comply with policies intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Team members will also complete a health check certification each time they come to work.
  • Team members will be required to wear masks as mentioned above, and we also ask that all members to do the same when not participating in vigorous exercise, particularly when checking in and traveling throughout the club.
  • There will be designated one-way traffic in many hallways and stairwells. Where possible, we are directing traffic to minimize paths from crossing. There will be new entrance or exit options at each club to help with this process. We know this may be confusing on your first few visits, so please take your time to familiarize yourself with new traffic patterns. Please follow the signage!
  • We are installing plexiglass shields at check-in and in cycling studios.
  • Only every 4th locker will be available in the locker rooms to space people out.
  • Strict occupancy limits will be posted for the pools, hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms — please respect your fellow members and limit your time using these amenities.
  • In addition to the special 120-square-foot workout pods with barriers that can be reserved online for one-hour blocks mentioned above, we're also spacing out the equipment in our Fitness Centers.
  • Starting June 1st we’ll start offering in-club exercise classes again, utilizing large open areas with marked 10x10' boundaries for each participant. Class sizes will be limited and require advanced reservations. All used equipment will be sanitized by our team before being put away.
  • Fans have been removed throughout the club to prevent the proliferation of airborne particles.
  • Where possible, we are propping open doors so you don’t have to touch them; where doors cannot be propped open because of fire code or other restrictions, we are providing tissues you can use to open the door without touching it. 
  • All organized sports leagues & pick-up games will be on hold for the time being, except for tennis, which will require advance reservations.
  • Basketball courts will be open but only for shooting and not for “open runs.”
  • Personal training and private lessons will be available in designated areas while observing appropriate distancing protocols, so go ahead and reach out to your trainer or pro to get on their schedule now.
  • Playroom capacity will be limited and by reservation only starting after Memorial Day.
  • We have deployed more sanitizing stations and more than 20 additional hand sanitizers per club.
  • Exercise equipment and playroom toys will be sanitized between each use, high-touch points will be eliminated and/or sanitized regularly, and entire rooms will be sanitized using specialized disinfecting tools and chemicals as described above.
  • We have invested in the CompuClean software to plan, manage, and audit our cleaning protocols.
  • Red Light Therapy rooms will be disinfected after each use which will require more gaps between reservations. 
  • Not only will we adhere to national and local guidelines, but we will also go above and beyond — all of our staff are currently going through intensive training to ensure we meet the highest criteria for infection controls.
  • While we are very customer service oriented, we will need to respect physical distancing in many interactions which means we will be happy to solve your issues via phone or email; please do not work in person with Front Desk, Membership, or Business Office personnel on such matters.

The above list is by no means exhaustive and we will regularly re-evaluate all of our systems and processes throughout this transition, adding and modifying as necessary. Please also stay tuned for more information about our new online reservation systems.

Finally, we have received many queries about what will be open — the answer is virtually everything, barring any issues as we restart systems that have been turned off for 2 months. Tennis courts, indoor pools, personal training, basketball courts, locker rooms, and all other programs and services are coming back online rapidly.

It is our goal to make sure every member who wants to utilize the club can and feels safe doing so. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this transition.

In Good Health,

The Elite Sports Clubs Team