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Costa Rica
Costa Rica Bound
Coach Bob White and Ricardo Rodriquez visited CU last week to present a High Performance Volleyball Trip to Costa Rica June 5-13, 2018. Club Unite is partnering with High Performance to offer opportunities for athletes to travel overseas. The cost of the trip will be $1,000 plus airfare.

A meeting will be held Thursday March 1st from 4:45-5:30pm for all players and their parents interested in attending the Unite High Performance Costa Rica Trip this summer. If your team practices during this time, we will need you to step out of your team practice for a moment or have a parent fill in for you. After the meeting, we will forge through with fundraisers.
Players going to Costa Rica will need a Passport.
Queen of the Mountain
The Queen of the Mountain played host to 110 teams. A huge thank you to everyone who graciously gave goodies and gifts for the Grab Bags. We loved all the businesses who provided nice things! Once again the players and coaches loved them. We had much success at the Queen of the Mountain as many of our teams took a Gold Championship. You can check out some great pics on Instagram at #rockytopqueen
Mid-Season Testing @ D1 of Knoxville

I personally can see a difference in muscle definition as well stamina and strength. I am sure you remember our pre-season testing with D1! We will have a mid-season testing March 5th. We do expect all players to attend and can't accommodate one after one make-ups. Recently, I asked one of my club players to re-test just to see where she was...she recorded a 2 inch gain in vert since testing day. Can't wait to see everyone's results!
Each team should be planning something they can do for the community. Someone or something needs CU! We have way too much talent in the gym NOT to be spreading love / giving love to those surrounded by us. Our club players have a heavy load on their plate (school, homework, tests, friendships, practices, future concerns, family concerns etc...). I truly feel giving to others refreshes the soul...recharges the heart...gives perspective! Some of our teams have yet to fulfill their give love project which is OK we are all in go mode with VB - I am giving an extra time frame to fulfill this which is before spring break. Coaches! Teams! Please find time to lay down the distractions and focus on those who are in need. Picking the Monday following a tournament may be a great time since legs may be tired however choosing a weekend off is also a great choice. I need pics from your moments for our slide show.
Teams may begin discussion on the AAU National Tournament. This is a 3 1/2 day tournament in Orlando Florida. Teams do not have to qualify or win a tournament to participate. Teams "may" win an AAU bid tournament giving them a FREE entry into the AAU National Tournament. Teams are encouraged to sign up in a division they may feel competitive in. The AAU offers between 4-6 divisions per age much different than the tournaments we are experiencing now which offer only 3 - Club, Power, Open.

Club Unite will allow already forms teams to register and play in the AAU Nationals and / also if there is interest from individual players we can take a newly formed team to the AAU Nationals. Club Unite players who desire to play in the AAU tournament but have heard their entire team is not interested may tryout. Newly formed team tryouts for AAU will be THURSDAY April 19th from 5pm-6pm at Club Unite. Coaches taking a team to AAU may need to pick up a player or a particular position. This will be a decision for Coach Mincey to discuss with the coach. Club Unite coaches are not to "recruit" players without first stepping through the proper process. Club Unite parents are discouraged from doing so as well without first talking with Coach Mincey. CU coaches taking teams to AAU are encouraged to attend tryouts if in fact they do need to "pick-up" a player. All pick up players will be asked to go through the tryout process.

Teams will try to practice 8 times before their tournament. If players are going to Costa Rica, players will be training every morning in Costa Rica through reps and skills.

Please visit the AAU Volleyball page for specific dates (link on CU homepage). The cost per player is around $500.00 this cost may be less however we must assure the # of players going first.

What does this cover:

Practice Fees, Coach Salary/Food/Housing/Gas Per Diem, 3 training shirts, AAU Entry Fee

What does this fee NOT cover:

Travel Expenses, Parent/Player Housing, Parent/Player Food

Players who are interested in the AAU should first ask the coach if their particular team is going. Players should then express to Coach Mincey their desire to be picked up. Players should attend the April tryout.

Teams who have discussed the tournament event within their squad and have decided to go to the AAU National Tournament are asked to provide a $125 non-refundable fee to Club Unite. Club Unite will send in the entry fee to AAU (which is also non-refundable). The entry fee is close to $900.00 unless you enter before March 1st which offers a $100.00 savings. I do not suggest making a rush decision to save ($10.00 per player).

Short Season 1 Concludes
Short Season 1 has concluded. Club Unite offered a short season 1 this year for players who could not commit to an entire 6 month season. Some of our teams had short season 1 players on them. (more explanation will be provided later). If you are a short season 1 player, your practices and tournament experience is complete. Short Season 1 players are encouraged to take advantage of our Tuesday Training.

5pm-6pm Training with Erin Biddle (all skills)
6pm-7pm Positional Training or D1 Workouts
7pm-8pm Positional Training or D1 Workouts

The cost is $10.00 per hour and must be made prior to involvement.

If a coach needs to pull back in a short season 1 player to accommodate a need due to unforeseen circumstances (illness, injury etc...meaning the team does not have enough to compete) and if the player complies, we will invoice the player the "at cost" fee which is not less than what the current players are paying.

Thanks again Short Season 1 Players!

We will not add Short Season 2 players to our current teams with the exception of 13 Katie/Kayla and 16 Joe who may actually need players. We have also already communicated with 12 Mike that we will be adding one player to his team whom has already been practicing with them.
Short Season 2 & Spring League
Club Unite is hosting Short Season 2 tryouts Sunday Feb 25th. We may see some newly formed teams soon! Once we complete short season 2 tryouts, Club Unite will produce information for our 7 week Spring League.
A grateful heart protects you from negative thinking.
Once per week, your athlete attends our MENTAL EDGE training course. This time allows the athlete to use her mind to see positives as well gives her cues to work through distractions and obstacles. Have you noticed that most people talk about the negatives more so than they do the accomplishments. When your child brings forth to you all her frustrations, shift her mind to the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives. You will aide in her mental success.
Yes we train on Mondays following tournaments. We just adhere to a injury prevention practice. If your team coasted through the tournament, they will continue through normal practice. If your team fought each match with tight competition, they will have a no-jump / no-swing practice...but they will practice.
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