How are you smart?

That is a question we want each of our members to be able to answer.

Are they good with numbers and computers? Maybe they are good at building with wood, or fixing machines. Maybe they are like me and are good at helping others.

You never know how you are smart until you try. So we will help kids try.

Our new STEAM Innovation Labs will provide hands on introductions to everything from Agronomy to Structural Engineering. These Labs, which will be constructed at 4 different clubhouses, will spark an interest in careers that exist in our own backyard. We will inspire kids to learn more about STEAM and about themselves.

When we set out to raise the $5 million to build these labs and invest in our clubs, we knew it was necessary. We also knew it would be a challenge.

Today, after a pandemic, global crisis and shutdown it is even more necessary. We are also nearing the finish line. We have raised well over $4 million and are on track to hit our goal.

I couldn't be more grateful to our supporters. I included their names in this e-mail. Every single person, company, and foundation has made an impact on the life of a young person in our community.

If you haven't added your name yet, it isn't too late. Make your pledge today.

Erin Antrim

Gifts $100,000 and Above
Bill Wilson, Lonnie & Nancy Jarvis, Marcus & Beth Thuna, From the Earth Foundation, Harriett H. Samuelsson Foundation, The Dean & Toni Maulhardt Family, Ventura County Community Foundation, Michael & Nycole Holwick, Freedom 1st Association, The Gene Haas Foundation, Alexander Cadillac, Premier America Foundation, The Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation, Shryne Group, LLC
Major Gifts:
Gifts $25,000 and Above 
Brian & Kathy Back, Rabobank, Coast Reprographics, Ronnie & Michelle da Motta, Dullam Nursery, Inc., Gill’s Onions, Richard & Kristie Elzinga, Howard Levine, Andy & Lobat Ghaemi, Bill & Elise Kearney, Sean & Gwen Leonard, Dr. Chris & Ingrid Loh, Oakwood Communities, Inc., SRK Architects, Inc., Troy & Carrie Palmquist, Pacific Western Bank, Ted & Norma Schneider, The Ralph T. Viola Family, Tony & Barbara Volante, Diane L. Fresh, Wallenius Wilhelmson, Donlon Plumbing, Toro Construction, Steve and Melinda Vernon, Limoneira Foundation, Melanie Higashi, The Sherwood Cares Foundation, Kyle and Katrina Bunstein, Flooring 101, Blue Enterprise, LLC
Community Gifts

Abiel Acosta, Steve & Cathy Kinney, Andrew Salinas, Mike Barber, Katherine Wilkenson, Evan & Kelly Scott, Kyle Bunstein, Drew & Nancy Mayerson, Shryne Group, Inc., Richard & Dolores Duarte, Sean Morreale, Samuel J. & Thelma Sills Family Foundation, Linda Dullam, Michael Orman, Robert L. & Robin Sills, Donald K. & Hazel Facciano, P. Robert & Angela Page, Ray & Dr. Jennifer Twyford, Glen & Karen Farr, Dr. Catherine Chien, Rigo & Veronica Vargas, Jewell Gerald & William Powell, Veronica Quintana, David & Becka Wellik, Russ & Donna Goodman, Ron & Judy Rowen, Dr. Dennis Dwire, Bryan & Lorraine MacDonald, Wells Fargo Charitable Foundation, Joseph & Theresa Hurliman, Blue Enterprises, LLC, David Edsall, Tom & Barbara Laubacher, Southland Sod Farms, Blois Construction Company, Chris Mattern, Roy & Sharon Schneider, John Jay, Natalie Jay, Mike & Erin Antrim, SKETCH Foundation, Jim & Lisa Price, SoCal Berry Growers, Santa Clara Farms, LLC, Andrew & Marilyn Peake, Craig Kaihara, Rush Miller, West Ventura County Escrow, Oxnard Police Department, Denise McMaster, Ashwin Batra, Grant Walker, Marcia Meyerson, Jonathan & Meryl Chase, Oceanview Pavilion, Steve Buenger, John & Diane Flynn, Richard Rollins, Logan Quirk, Juan Reynoso, Mark Bassett, Zahur Lalji, Theatrice Wiggins, Helen McBride, Polly Morelli, Stacy Miller Public Affairs, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Kathi and Leroy Smith, David Lunn, Rafael and Berta Perez, Red Tandem Brewing

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