We aren't a child care service.

We are proud to provide a safe space for kids while their parents work. As a working Mom, I know how valuable that is.

But we don't just watch kids. We help them grow.

The Boys & Girls Clubs have spent years carefully researching and developing the best programs in youth development. Our staff is carefully trained and our methods are painstakingly tested and analyzed.

Kids thrive when they come to our clubs. They do better in school, they do better socially, and they are ready for great futures.

This is why local school districts have turned to our clubs for help as they prepare for this fall. When kids can't be in class, we will give them a place to be safe and flourish.

This is a new challenge for us. One that will require great work and greater resources, but we are ready.

Thank you,
Erin Antrim

P.S. I wanted to give you a little glimpse inside the clubs - so meet Matthew! We are always ready for a "virtual tour" if you want to learn more about the great things we are doing. As Matthew says, "stay awesome and stay safe."