It has been a busy few weeks.

We have opened 11 new club locations and kicked off a new school year.

But today, I wanted to focus on one club: Nyeland Acres.

Nyeland Acres is a special place. The community itself, just north of the 101 and surrounded by farmland is cut off from Oxnard. There isn't a park or a grocery store. Most of the homes are rented to multiple families, many of whom workin the fields harvesting crops. These families love their community and work hard but their kids face barriers to success.

That is why we are there.

Our club director, Monique Garcia, grew up in Nyeland Acres, and leads a team that knows how to empower these kids. She knows the programs we have carefully developed, and offer free of charge, will help these kids grow into the next generation of leaders.

We are not alone in serving this community. Driscoll's, Reiter Affiliated Companies, Supervisor John Zaragoza and Nyeland Promise have been key partners and do wonderful work in Nyeland.

I could say so much more, but I feel like I should turn it over to Jonathan, he is nine-years-old and a member at Nyeland Acres.