Helping with homework has always been a big part of how the Boys & Girls Clubs help kids succeed. We have spent years working on developing evidence based approaches that help kids stay on track.

So when all school work became homework, we were ready to help.

We organized our members into cohorts of 12 with an assigned staff member. Our staff help them along, keeping them focused and on task as they take part in virtual learning. When they are done, they have a chance to take part in club programs - like learning about how different liquids have different densities.

We are also there to help when things go wrong.

Oscar works for us at a club on an elementary school campus in South Oxnard. Three weeks ago, the school's principal approached Oscar with concerns about a pair of siblings. They were always late to class and when they arrived to school they were hungry. They were starting to fall behind.

Oscar worked with the student's mother, teachers, and principal to find solutions. The kids would attend the clubs and take classes later in the day, when the mother had transportation for them to arrive on time. The school would provide daily lunches. Oscar developed learning plans for each sibling to help them get back on track.

These are small changes, but to these two young students, they are the difference between falling behind and graduating.

Every day I hear a story like this from our frontline staff. This is what we do and this is what you help make possible.

Thank you,
Erin Antrim
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