APRIL 24. 2020
Hello Eastmoor Members,

Just yesterday, Denver's Mayor Hancock extended its stay-at-home order until May 8, after previously noting that, “Even after you no longer have to remain at home, this will be a different summer for those of us in Denver, Colorado.” 

The Eastmoor Board is preparing for that different summer, meeting every other week (and sometimes more!), exploring all the possibilities of what summer of 2020 could potentially look like.

We are staying up to date on the latest COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control, the state of Colorado, the city of Denver, the US Tennis Association, and USA Swimming, as these organizations will ultimately determine how we will enjoy our summer at Eastmoor.

As we collect this information, rest assured that we are committed to two things:
1. Being there for all Eastmoor members; and
2. Creating an environment where our collective health and safety is the priority.

The strength of our club lies in our members—all of you—and we keep that in mind with every discussion we have and decision we make during this fluid, uncertain time.

Here's what you can expect from us moving forward:
  • An email with an update every Wednesday, starting May 6. If there is news or other important developments that need to be communicated prior to the next Wednesday, we will send that promptly.

  • A special up-to-date COVID-19 place on our (almost ready) new Eastmoor website. We expect that to be up and running within the week and will let you know when it is live. A newsletter archive will also be available on the website so you can easily find past editions.

As we all know, Eastmoor is a pillar of community, friendships, recreation, and relaxation, and we're doing everything we can to keep that pillar strong and solid as we navigate these uncertain times.

Questions? You can hit "reply" to this email or reach out to President Tyler Lindvall; ; or, if you have questions about dues, email Treasurer Rich Bruns .

To all of our health and happiness.
—The Eastmoor Board

A friendly reminder that we extended the dues deadline  until Friday, May 1; thank you to all the members who have already paid.

We know that many of you face uncertain futures. That said, we need to make sure the club doesn't have an uncertain future as well. We have year-round staff, maintenance and upkeep expenses that require consistent financing.

As the COVID situation unfolds and things become more clear, there is the potential for adaptation in dues, but in order for you to remain a member in good standing, please pay your dues by May 1.
Head Pro Ken Tronco shows you how to practice your volley at home.

"Based on the recommendations of the USTA COVID-19 Advisory Group, the USTA believes that it is in the best interest of society to take a collective pause from playing the sport we love. Although there are no specific studies on tennis and COVID-19, medical advisors believe there is the possibility that the virus responsible for COVID-19 could be transmitted through common sharing and handling of tennis balls, gate handles, benches, net posts, and even court surfaces."
—USTA Statement on April 3; they recently amended it but this statement continues to apply to areas with shelter-in-place mandates like Denver.

Trust us: We want to be on the courts as much as you do. That said, other summer clubs and courts in the area remain closed as well. We are looking forward to the day when we can open for activity in accordance with safety guidelines and recommendations. 


The USTA (United States Tennis Association) has extended its JTT registration deadline by almost a month to provide facilities more time to get players registered and put teams together.

The new Eastmoor Registration JTT Deadline  is Monday, May 25th: register for JTT here.

We will not start play until the USTA, via the CDC, deems it appropriate to do so. Knowing the situation may change, the USTA has tentatively scheduled the first JTT match for Monday, June 29 , with the season wrapping up on Monday, August 10.

The emphasis for JTT 2020 is local play and we want to provide a full season to all teams. Since we are pushing the deadlines and the season later, there will not be time to run State Championships this year.

NOTE: In the event that summer JTT is cancelled, a full refund will be processed, minus normal credit card fees of 3%.

All other summer junior tennis lessons are available for registration on the Kourts app . (Not sure how to use the Kourts app? Here are directions.)

Information regarding all classes can be found at  Eastmoor Tennis .

NOTE: You can sign up your child(ren) today, and you will not be charged until the first day of class.

The USTA has released a revised league plan for 2020 due to COVID-19. The priority for the season is to get 6-7 matches of local league play; district playoffs are highly unlikely.

First Season of League Play
When it is appropriate to return to play, the USTA will start the first season of leagues as follows.  These leagues will not be cancelled unless the USTA runs out of time for running leagues during 2020. 

  • USTA Adult 18 & Over (minimum Roster Deadline now May 1st)

NOTE:  While most Eastmoor league rosters are full for the USTA Adult 18 & Over, there is still the opportunity for another 2.5 ladies team and 3.5 ladies team to be added. If you are interested in joining please reach out to tennis chair  Pia Lisle  or head pro Ken Tronco  to get connected!

Second Season of League Play
If the first season of leagues (listed above) are completed and there is still enough time to complete another league with 6-7 matches, the USTA will start the following leagues immediately upon conclusion of the first group of leagues:

  • ITA Mixed
  • CTA Twilight (Note: Format will be changed for this season to 1 singles, 3 doubles to allow opportunities for more players to participate)
  • CTA Adult 65 & Over
  • CTA Women’s Summer Daytime

Just like junior lessons, summer adult drills are now open on the Kourts app. (Not sure how to use the Kourts app? Here are directions.)

Information regarding adult drills can be found at  Eastmoor Tennis .

NOTE: You can sign up today, and you will not be charged until the day of drills.

Questions about any of the tennis programs?
Please reach out to Head Pro  Ken Tronco .
USA Swimming has canceled all sanctioned events through May 31.

At the most recent Metro league meeting, they noted they probably won't decide the next steps for local swim teams until June 1.

We will continue to keep abreast of the situation and update you with any changes.