May 6. 2020
Hello Eastmoor Members,

Hope you have been enjoying this beautiful spring weather we've been having lately; it makes us look forward to the longer days and bright Colorado sun of summer.

As you likely know, Denver is shifting to a safer-at-home policy with limited openings of stores and services this Saturday, May 9. This first step makes us hopeful for the future steps—and for all of us enjoying the summer at Eastmoor.

I n fact, we will be opening the tennis courts on a limited basis on Monday, May 11, and will send a full email dedicated to new reservation/playing procedures this Saturday. We are thrilled that our beautiful courts—and fabulous Head Pro Ken Tronco—will be in action sooner than later!

That said, in Denver, p ublic and private gatherings of more than 10 people are banned through May 26. That date, of course, includes our typical Memorial Day opening for the pool and greater club.

As such, we are unable to open the pool that weekend, but rest assured we are actively working on a range of scenarios that prioritize your health and safety and still allow for you to have ample Eastmoor time. We are staying up to date on the latest COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control, the state of Colorado, the city of Denver, the US Tennis Association, and USA Swimming, and will integrate them as we create a new normal for our 2020 summer.

In Club News below, you will find details on different scenarios. While we don't have a Magic 8 ball that allows us to predict one will definitely happen—dang it!—we are preparing for all of them, and are constantly gathering information that helps us determine in which direction the summer is tipping.

Reminder: Here's what you can expect from us moving forward:
  • An email with an update every Wednesday, If there is news or other important developments that need to be communicated prior to the next Wednesday, we will send that promptly.
  • A special up-to-date COVID-19 place on our BRAND NEW Eastmoor website. Thank you to Cissie Busch, Technology Chair, for bringing our website into 2020 and making it easy to access and navigate. In addition, the website houses a newsletter archive.
  • Reminders of updates on social media; please follow our Eastmoor Facebook page and Eastmoor Instagram account.

Questions? You can hit "reply" to this email or reach out to President Tyler Lindvall; ; or, if you have questions about dues, email Treasurer Rich Bruns .

Have a great week—
The Eastmoor Board


As we mentioned above, given the less-than-ten-gathering mandate in place until May 26, we will not be able to open on Memorial Day. With that in mind, here are a range of scenarios and details, as well as how each scenario will affect your anual membership dues.

Scenario #1: We open after Memorial Day with full access/no restrictions.
If this happens, we are looking into: Keeping the club open longer into the season, if weather and staff numbers permits. We would also potentially have more evening hours and/or morning hours available to the whole membership prior to Labor Day. We would also integrate regular deep cleanings into the schedule.
In this scenario: Your annual membership dues will be applied in full to summer of 2020.

Scenario #2: We open after Memorial Day with social-distancing restrictions.
If this happens, we are looking into: A system where members can make reservations for pool time; the rules surrounding reservations will ensure that all members have equal opportunity to enjoy the club with their family and Eastmoor friends. We would also factor in time for deep cleanings between shifts and potential senior hours.
In this scenario: Your annual membership dues will be applied in full to summer of 2020.

Scenario #3: We are unable to open this summer.
If this happens: First of all, we have our fingers crossed this doesn't happen, but we don't have control over restrictions issued by the aforementioned governing bodies.
In this scenario: We would credit $400 of your annual dues towards the summer of 2021. As mentioned in previous emails, we have year-round operating expenses that require consistent financing; the remaining portion of your 2020 dues would be applied to those.

Reminder: The Board is meeting nearly weekly between now and May 26; as soon as we have any news that points us in one direction or another, we will be in touch.

Finally, two upcoming club events—Back to Eastmoor Night as well as the All-Club Clean-Up—are canceled.

Barring any unexpected news between now and Monday, we plan on opening the courts on a limited basis Monday, May 11. We will send out a full email this Saturday, May 9, with reservation information and social-distancing rules that will govern the use of the courts.

Head Pro Ken Tronco will also start teaching individual lessons on May 11; we will have more inormation about this in the Saturday newsletter. He will be booking via the Kourts app ; however, lessons for next week will not be available to be booked until Saturday.

After the newsletter is released, we will post all the important information on our BRAND NEW Website. (Woohoo!)


The USTA (United States Tennis Association) has extended its JTT registration deadline by almost a month to provide facilities more time to get players registered and put teams together.

The new Eastmoor Registration JTT Deadline  is Monday, May 25th: register for JTT here.

We will not start play until the USTA, via the CDC, deems it appropriate to do so. Knowing the situation may change, the USTA has tentatively scheduled the first JTT match for Monday, June 29 , with the season wrapping up on Monday, August 10.

The emphasis for JTT 2020 is local play and we want to provide a full season to all teams. Since we are pushing the deadlines and the season later, there will not be time to run State Championships this year.

NOTE: In the event that summer JTT is cancelled, a full refund will be processed, minus normal credit card fees of 3%.

All other summer junior tennis lessons are available for registration on the Kourts app . (Not sure how to use the Kourts app? Here are directions.)

Information regarding all classes can be found at  Eastmoor Tennis .

NOTE: You can sign up your child(ren) today, and you will not be charged until the first day of class.

The USTA has released a revised league plan for 2020 due to COVID-19. The priority for the season is to get 6-7 matches of local league play; district playoffs are highly unlikely.

First Season of League Play
When it is appropriate to return to play, the USTA will start the first season of leagues as follows.  These leagues will not be cancelled unless the USTA runs out of time for running leagues during 2020. 
  • USTA Adult 18 & Over

Second Season of League Play
If the first season of leagues (listed above) are completed and there is still enough time to complete another league with 6-7 matches, the USTA will start the following leagues immediately upon conclusion of the first group of leagues:

  • ITA Mixed
  • CTA Twilight (Note: Format will be changed for this season to 1 singles, 3 doubles to allow opportunities for more players to participate)
  • CTA Adult 65 & Over
  • CTA Women’s Summer Daytime

Just like junior lessons, summer adult drills are now open on the Kourts app. (Not sure how to use the Kourts app? Here are directions.)

Information regarding adult drills can be found at  Eastmoor Tennis .

NOTE: You can sign up today, and you will not be charged until the day of drills.

Questions about any of the tennis programs?
Please reach out to Head Pro  Ken Tronco .
The Metro League, the governing body for swim team, has a meeting later this week. We will report the outcomes of that meeting in our newsletter next Wednesday.