With cooler weather, MIT is becoming increasingly busy and it is exciting to see so many enthusiastic tennis players! Cold and flu season is here and COVID has not disappeared. Please help us keep up the good work at MIT...

  • Illness: Please stay home if you or members of your household are not feeling well. Keep in mind that if our staff get sick, they cannot come to work and we risk having to close the club. Let's keep everyone working and playing!

  • Court Time: Plan to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to your court time. We cannot have groups congregating in the lobby or locker rooms as it creates a crowded situation indoors (something we need to avoid). If you arrive earlier than 10 minutes, please wait outside or in your car.

  • Pack In/Pack Out: Our policy for bringing what you need and taking it all home with you remains in place. Please do not leave empty cans/lids, used tissues, balls or other items on the court for others to clean up. There are trash and recycling receptacles in the lobby.

  • Locker Rooms: Feel free to use the locker rooms if you need to change, but please observe the limit of 2 people at a time. Showers remain closed.

Our other COVID policies remain in place, including requirements to wear masks until on the court, having temperature and health check-ins, and more. Click here to see the summary.