This is a special abbreviated edition of the Club VIBES newsletter with the purpose of sharing the wonderful news of Jacoby's successful kidney transplant with all of Club VIBES members, families, friends, and supporters. We thank everyone who has been praying for and thinking of Jacoby and we want to let you know how you can continue to help.

On February 23 at 8:45 pm Jacoby received the phone call that he has been waiting for for over four years- there was finally a kidney for him. He reported to UT Hospital at midnight, tests showed that the kidney was the right one for Jacoby, and his transplant surgery began at 5:30 am. Jacoby is making a good recovery and left the hospital after only fo days. All continues to go well with Jacoby's new kidney and he is free from dialysis three times a week. Jacoby is thankful to all who supported him in the long wait for the kidney and for all of the prayers and well wishes he has received following his surgery. In his own words, Jacoby expresses his thanks.
"Let me first say, thank you to everyone for the pouring out of prayers and well wishes. I couldn’t avast for such a stronger community to encourage my healthy living. Secondly, I am doing great. I have a little bit of soreness, but other than that, the surgery went wonderful! Everything seems to be working well and progressing along smoothly. Thank you everyone for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers!"

Having received a new kidney does not mean that life returns to normal for Jacoby. He now enters a crucial phase as his body adjusts to the new kidney and medications necessary for its continued functioning and preventing rejection. Jacoby will continue to need our support both spiritually and financially for the next year. To help with his financial needs Club VIBES is hosting an online auction to raise funds and there is a Go Fund Me Page, Kidney4Jacoby where donations are welcome. Read the article below for details about the auction
7,14,21,28-Fit for Battle, 3:00 p
13,14, 20,21- Kidney For Jacoby Auction 9:00 am-5:P00 pm; details below
21-Book Club, 7:00 pm
28-Meeting on the Porch-7:00 pm

2-General Meeting, 7:00 pm
4,11,18,25 Fit For Battle, 3:00 pm
14-Low Vision Meeting-7:00 pm
18-Book Club-7:00 pm
25-Meeting on the Porch-7:00 pm


Club VIBES is holding an online auction on the weekends of March 13-14 and March 20-21 to raise funds to help Jacoby with post-surgery expenses. We are thankful for the many great items that have been donated and we have grouped them into 65 themed gift baskets overflowing with irresistible items. Examples of some of the baskets are Glamor Girl with indulgent beauty supplies, an Urban Wilderness hike with Missy Kane, Beach Fun including a beach umbrella, and a Mani-Pedi basket to get your nails ready for summer. In addition to the baskets, there is a tandem bicycle, an electric bike, a leather recliner with an ottoman, and many more fantastic things for you to enjoy.

On the weekends of March 13-14 and March 20-21 from 9:00 am-5:00 pm each day you will have a choice of purchasing the item immediately or bidding on it starting with the minimum listed price, hoping you can outbid any other bidders. Bidding will continue through the close of the auction on March 21 at 5:00 pm.

To become a bidder, send an email to vibesauction@gmail.com. You will receive bidding and payment instructions. In that email, please provide your full name, cell phone number, best email address, payment method (no checks, only cash or Venmo), and your plan to pick up items if you win the item in the auction. We use only email to communicate bid info. Once we receive your request to participate you will become an authorized bidder in the auction and we will send you a program, including photos, of auction items and the process to follow to make bids.  

We encourage everyone to register and become bidders in this very important (and fun) effort to help Jacoby. Please pass this information on to all of your contacts.

If you do not want to participate in the auction, you can still help by making a tax-deductible direct donation. To do this, send a check to Club VIBES and write Kidney4jacoby in the memo line. Mail it to Club VIBES at 1025 Ree Way, Knoxville, TN 37909. We will earmark it for this project to support him.

Thanks for your support of Club Vibes!
A big thank you to all corporate and individual donors
We wish to thank all donors and bidders who helped CLUB VIBES in this project, Kidney 4 Jacoby.
Here is the list of companies and donor friends 
Corporations and Organizations
Club VIBES Board and VIBES members                                  Zoo Knoxville
University of TN Delta Gamma Sorority                                    Firehouse Subs
Vienna Coffee                                                                            Double Dogs
Mast General store                                                                    Leader Dogs
Carr’s Rug Cleaning                                                                  Guide Dogs for the Blind
Home Depot                                                                              YMCA of East TN
Lowe’s                                                                                       New Balance Store
Pure Luxe Salon and Medspa                                                   IFB Solutions
L.A. Nails                                                                                    Legacy Parks
Beyond Beauty Salon and Spa                                                  River Sports
Salon Visage                                                                              Main Event Family Fun
Gambuzza’s Barber Shop                                                          Gymtech Academy
Clean Cut Grooming Lounge (Chapman Highway)                    Bike Zoo
Round Up                                                                                   Fountain City Peddler
Ruby Sunshine                                                                           West Bike Shop
Not Watsons                                                                                Biketopia
Cruze Farm                                                                                 TN Valley Bike Shop
Sunspot                                                                                       Carrabba’s Italian Grill
The Seeing Eye                                                                           Craft Axe
Echelon Bike Shop                                                                      Cedar Bluff Cycles
Donors and Friends
Sue and John Buckley                                                                 Missy Kane Bemiller and family  
Pat and Ray Hinckle                                                                     David and Jody Thomas
Ernie Roberts                                                                               Sharon Pooley
Tammy Fugatt                                                                              Jean Baldwin
Sarah and Kathy Holloway                                                           Carol Osborne
David Cass and family                                                                  Carol Evans
Diana Green                                                                                  Sharon Alley
Marian Wildgruber and family                                                        Carlene LeComte
Laura Lee Parsons                                                                        Megan Johansson and family
Elizabeth Saum                                                                             Alan Cheatham
Sydney Lashbrook                                                                         Mary Zuhr
Hailey Benner                                                                                 Rosemary Hayden
Bailey Perna                                                                                   Casandra Stuart
Sarah Hudson                                                                                Denise Creekmore            
Isabel Long                                                                                     Shanda Lee and family
Elke Craig                                                                                       Gail Wesline
Laura Von Bargen                                                                          Jeanette Minor
Lydia McGee                                                                                 Laura and Terry Horne
Illya Popov                                                                                      Sandy and John Parham
Vanessa Rodriguez                                                                         Beth Foster
Sariah Sciarrillo and family                                                             Cyndy Cunningham
Campbell Rutherford and family                                                     Katherine Carr
Allison and Kim Alexander                                                              Sarah Doyle
Paige and Dawn Conley                                                                  Peggy Pickel
Arlene and Rueben Hernandez                                                       Rosemary Kite
Margaret Holmes and family                                                           Susan Seals
Jane Eason                                                                                     Martha Perry
Micah Hamilton                                                                                Macy Gouge