May 7 2020

In this notice:
  • Another One bites the Dust
  • Spa Sidewalk Sale
  • Virtual Classes
  • Mother's Day
  • Club Updates
Another One Bites the Dust
By: Catherine DuBay-GM

The saying goes something like "Every cyclist has crashed or will crash". It took 30 years but I am now part of the "has" group. 
I had been running many miles since Shelter in Place started given it was one of the few things left to do. So, on April 26 I decided to go for a bike ride instead of a run to give my body a break from all the pounding on the pavement. Ha! That backfired.  more>>
Mother's Day Spa Sidewalk Sale

Health Spa Montecito will open it's doors and bring products, gift cards and clothing outside for our first ever SIDEWALK SALE .
Store Hours
Friday, May 8: 3-6pm
Saturday, May 9: 10am - 1pm

Great opportunity to get a gift for mom, stock up on your products and purchase a gift card for that much needed massage when we reopen.
Sale will take place in health club parking lot.
Classes 2Go!

The Club & Studios are excited to offer our 2Go! Virtual Classes using new software, hardware and a robust schedule of classes with your favorite instructors. We are using the  Studios  software to host this program. These classes include new offerings;  Armed & Dangerous Dirty 30's  and  Leg Up  as well as your favorites;  Cardio Dance , Urban Kick Zumba Core Conditioning  and  Inferno Pilates .
Look for additional offerings every few weeks.
Club Updates
 1) The Club : We do not have an expected date to reopen. We are anxiously awaiting news from local leaders on when this might be. We will keep you posted.

2) The Tennis Courts may get the green light to open first. Once this happens, we will adhere to guidelines and open the courts as soon as possible even if this means the rest of the club is still closed.

3) The Pools: We do not have any information regarding pools. Once we get the green light to reopen the lap and Flamingo Pools we will adhere to the guidelines given to us and open up ASAP.

4) Dues : We have not billed dues since we closed. We will send an update early next week on future billing as well as a letter via USPS. Please look for this to stay informed.

5) Summer Camps : We hope to host a full summer of activities for the kids and are awaiting word on whether we can do so. We have planned camps with smaller group size and outdoor activities to keep the kids and staff safe this summer. Here is a link to what is planned

6) Blueberries : The picture has nothing to do with anything. We just liked how it looked and how blueberries remind us of summer and goodness!