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Co-Motion Divide Pinion
Capable of surviving the apocalypse
Just to be clear, if the apocalypse comes tomorrow you might catch a glimpse of us riding into a dust cloud on this bike. Emphasis on might, because being in possession of the most reliable set of wheels is the kind of thing that puts a target on your back when survival is priority numero uno. So, we're telling you now while we can safely boast about having the Co-Motion Divide Pinion.

On our way out of town, we'll have no trouble traversing the Kettle Moraine landscape with 12 non-overlapping gears housed in an enclosed gearbox. You can choose an 18-speed option (636% range) as well with the same permanently sealed and leak-proof unit. By design, the frame is specifically built to mount the Pinion system. With the gears protected in a durable shell, power is transferred to the rear wheel by a stretch-free Gates belt drive system that is highly abrasion resistant and doesn't require lubrication.

Without derailleurs hanging from the frame, it masquerades as a single speed - simple and minimalistic in appearance, but it functions as a geared bike. Furthermore, how is someone supposed to bend or break a derailleur hanger at the most inopportune time? Go ahead, accidently drop the bike; it will be fine. At least nobody will be looking if you're in the middle of nowhere. The bar top rotary shifter positioned adjacent to where the stem clamps the bar will also be a challenge to break if the bike lands on its side.

From the Pinion Website:
No wear, zero adjustments and minimal maintenance for an entire bicycle life. That is our promise. We also offer the longest manufacturer guarantee on transmissions anywhere in the market.
Minimal maintenance refers to the annual check including an oil change. Standard guarantee is five years for the 18-speed option, and two years for the 12-speed option (extended to five years for $70). A transferrable guarantee won't mean much during the apocalypse, but if the rumors turn out to be false... well then, you're in luck. Chances are you'll be buying this bike because you crave unconventional adventure, and NOT to ride out the apocalypse. You'd need a bunker for that, which isn't nearly as cool as a Pinion gearbox.

Changing gears, Co-Motion offers two alternative drivetrain options to the standard derailleur setup. The Pinion (crank gearbox), and the Rohloff (hub gearbox). Someone would choose the Pinion configuration for the ability to shift under power and have the best weight distribution. What we appreciate about the Pinion drive bike is that, although it feels heavy when you lift it up, it is considerably light-footed while being ridden.  
It's not enough to read or look at pictures of a Pinion bike, especially if this is the first you've heard about it. We make it simple for you to compare drivetrain options by modeling both the Pinion and the Rohloff versions at our store. Take them for a ride and tell us what you think!
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