News from co-op - Fall 2021
Truly More Than Just Classrooms
The spirit of Co-op Preschool has always emphasized building community--a supportive group of parents, caregivers, and educators who know (or who are in the process of learning) what it is like to raise a young child. We support one another and create the opportunity for children to grow in a warm and nurturing learning environment. This human connection is so vital to all families, especially during times marked by fear, scarcity, uncertainty and so many unknowns.

Classes are always encouraged to stay connected over the summer months. This year in particular, summer meetups have been an unexpected gift for many classes—an easy continuation of the weekly routine of outdoor preschool sessions that could be extended and continued safely and with comfortable buddies. Some even opened up their invitations to families joining their cohort in the fall. And boy did they cover some ground! Perhaps you saw them at Lowman Beach during low tide, or gleefully skipping through the Chinese Garden at SSC, or even conquering the monkey bars at Lincoln Park.

The propensity to keep gathering didn’t take us by surprise, however it did really hit home the idea that Co-op Preschools certainly are more than just classrooms. And while there’s great excitement and comfort returning to familiar spaces with roofs, running water and indoor plumbing this fall, it is obvious that adapting to an “our classroom can be anywhere” mentality fostered a greater sense of class community than we ever could have hoped for. So, let's enjoy that indoor plumbing this fall AND keep celebrating and emphasizing the spirit of Co-op both inside and out.
Monster Dash - 10 years and counting!
Join Monster Dash enthusiasts from all over the globe as they participate in our 10th Annual Monster Dash 5k. In this year's virtual event, participants will track and log activity from the comfort of their own neighborhoods. Registration fee includes a coveted 10th anniversary Monster Dash t-shirt. Register by September 30th for early bird pricing and guaranteed t-shirt sizing.

This year you can set up your very own fundraising page and tell your Co-op Story. Fundraisers are eligible for prizes, including a free 5K race registration. Your page is free to set up and there is no minimum to raise and no penalty for not meeting your goal. Note: participants hoping to earn a free race entry must register for the race prior to setting up a fundraising page.
Or join us in person for our masked and socially distanced Kids Dash and Family Fun Event held at White Center Co-op Preschool on October 23 from 10 am - 1 pm. In addition to the staggered-start dash, there will be kids crafts, prizes, and a photo booth. Costumes encouraged! Price is $10 in advance, $15 the day of the event and includes a kid's t-shirt. Event registration is limited to children 12 and under.

All funds raised benefit our Parent Advisory Council initiatives across our program, including outreach, equity, and tuition assistance!
Calendar Spotlights
Leadership Conference, Tuesday 9/28, 7:00pm
Have you had your orientation meeting yet? Did you sign up for a leadership role this year? If so, you will have the very special opportunity to hear from Annabel Quintero, a Co-op alum, at Leadership Conference about her experience as a 9/11 survivor. Annabel will talk about where she found her strength to survive from the 46th floor of Tower 1, how she has dealt with the experience for the last 20 years and how she felt co-op grounded her as a parent during her time of healing from that tragedy. If you get a chance, read her book before attending. Better yet, sign up to be a board member for your preschool site so you don’t miss this.  
Gender Diversity 101, Tuesday 10/26, 7:30pm
We are thrilled to host Aiden Key, founder of Gender Diversity, back to Co-op to give a parenting education seminar this fall.

While societal awareness is increasing, we still have questions and are not always sure how to address the needs of trans, gender diverse and non-binary children and teens. Terms and definitions seem confusing--genderqueer, pansexual, asexual, non-binary, and gender fluid. Parents, teachers, and children each bring questions from their perspectives.
Gender education specialist Aidan Key will help us address our questions, examine the challenges faced by these youth and their families, current research, and best approaches for creating inclusive, supportive environments.

  • When and how do I talk to my children/students? How do I listen?
  • How can a child be transgender or gender diverse? Aren’t they too young to know?
  • How do I talk with my child about themselves or people they encounter when I am not sure what I know or how I feel?
  • How do I handle teasing or bullying? 
  • Is it alright to do talk with children about this and what is age-appropriate? How is this different from being gay?
  • I hardly know what it means to be transgender, what do they mean by genderqueer, pansexual, asexual, non-binary, and gender fluid? 
  • Kids have questions. How do I differentiate basic inquisitiveness from more urgent need for information? 

Check with your parenting educator to find out more and to RSVP!
Connect with us!
Co-op Butterflies
Do you have a child who is a little 'more'? Maybe they have higher sensitivities, bigger emotions, deeper needs? Join our monthly discussion group and find camaraderie and understanding, support and information from other families! Email Teacher Jen for more information.
Leadership Conference
Calling all Class Chairs, Treasurers, Secretaries, PAC Reps, Safety Coordinators, Fundraising Leads, Parent Coordinators, and Community Builders! On September 28th at 7pm, we invite you to Zoom with us; at this event, you will meet people with leadership roles across our program and get the training you need to successfully execute your job this year. Check with your parenting educator for more details!
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