Summer 2022
Let's Talk Leadership
If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together.
(pictured: Leadership Conference 2018)

This proverb could have been describing Co-op—in the obvious way, and in a surprisingly ironic way, too.

Because at Co-op we work together, we have “gone far” since last September. We built each class from a roomful/Zoomful group, some friends but mostly strangers, wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. By this time of year, together we have built our community.

Flashback to that first Orientation Meeting. The job list went up, and lots of eyes went down! Gradually the roles were filled and, as the year moved along, the work got done. Those who took on a Leadership role often worked behind the scenes with a smaller group at Site Board meetings. As in the proverb, they worked together for the whole but, ironically, in doing so benefitted individually. 
As you think about your Co-op role next year, here are 10 ways you might benefit by taking a Leadership role-- Site President, Secretary, Treasurer, Class Chair, PAC:

  1. Enhance that resume. Community involvement impresses future employers! 
  2. Keep your skills alive. What Pre-Child skills do you worry about losing?
  3. Learn new skills. What skills would you like to bring to the world some day?
  4. Become PTA-prepared. Know how to rally a group to get things done. 
  5. Model the importance of education. Walk your talk in ways your children can actually see.
  6. Model community involvement. Demonstrate that we work hard for and care about others.
  7. Develop leadership qualities. Utilize Positive Discipline communication techniques with other adults (spoiler: it’s easier than with children).
  8. Cultivate decision making. Make your voice heard while listening to others. Learn routes to consensus.
  9. Calendar adult time. Don’t put off having adult conversations with people who actually listen and laugh together. 
  10. Accomplish something. Do something fellow adults appreciate…and that a young child doesn’t walk behind you and un-do. 

Want to be a part of the group that “goes far” and gets things done? Want to go, and grow, farther yourself along the way? You will get even more than you give. Contact your parenting educator for details and a pep talk…and loads of thanks.
Help Wanted: Monster Dash Reps!

Mark your calendars! The Monster Dash 5K and Kids Dash will be back IN PERSON at Lincoln Park on October 29, 2022. This is Co-op’s biggest event of the year and we need your help to make it a success! We have many opportunities for you to contribute to the planning process, such as sponsorship collection, website updating, fundraising, marketing, race day organization, and more! Whether you are a Monster Dash Veteran or brand new to this event, we can find the perfect role for you. Also, please consider any personal business connections you may have for potential sponsors or donations and send them our way!
Registration Update
Update from Fiona Preedy, Registrar:

"Enrollment for the 22-23 school year is looking robust! While many of our classes are full or nearly full, we do have scattered openings available. Twos are extremely limited, Threes and PreK have some availability, and several openings remain in our one day Multi-age, Infants/Movers and Toddler classes. Many families are not aware our program starts so young—spread the word!"

And - gentle reminder that the request for May 2023 tuition prepayment has gone out to all families. Be sure to make your payment or check in with Fiona!
Surplus Sale & Open House!
Do you have a small person under the age of two in your life? Come take a sneak peek at our brand new Lab School location on the SSC campus! We'll be offering our Infants (0-6 mo.) Movers (6-12 mo.) and Toddler (12-24 mo.) classes here for the 2022-23 school year and we can't wait to show you our amazing new space!
Do you have a small child in your life? Could they use some fresh fun materials and supplies heading into summer? Come shop our surplus sale on June 4th! Mountains of books, toys, puzzles, games, curriculum supplies, art supplies, furniture for small humans, and much much more. Most items are yours for whatever donation feels right to you, some larger ticket items competitively priced as marked. Proceeds benefit our Parent Advisory Council's initiatives on Scholarships, Equity, and Community Outreach.

Use Entrance 3: South Entrance and South Parking Lot. At the top of the hill, take your first right. Our new building is the former Child Care Center, Building 148.
Updates from Preschools
Bittersweet Goodbye
Admiral Co-op has had the good fortune to have Jon Wright participating in our programs since 2014. At that time, Jon immediately stepped into a leadership role as Parent Coordinator, followed in 2016 by his steadfast stewardship of the Admiral budget as Site Treasurer, a role he still holds. Jon frequently serves in multiple capacities, taking on the Class Chair role in addition to being Treasurer. We are so grateful to you, Jon, and wish you all the joy in the world in your post Co-op life!

Jon's Favorites
Station: Blocks - “… so I can parallel play with the kids.”
Preschool toy: Rainbow sound tree
Preschool song: “Bananas Unite”

Memory: “That first year of co-op with my oldest daughter. Before that I had no exposure to other children. I was very skeptical of my abilities; being with other parents and other children, I realized I could do it. We were all going through the same things, my child was like all the others and we parents were experiencing the same challenges. I knew it would be ok.”

Reflection: “The power of community. We can count on each other. We help each other out. Twice when our babies decided to come early, it was our co-op friends we leaned on for help. Those families remain such a support for us and us for them.”
Reflections on PreK

From a parent in the Alki PreKs:

"I was recently stumped answering the SPS kindergarten enrollment question 'How many hours per week was your child’s pre-k program?' Do I mark the 10 hours of actual class time spent building skyscrapers, bandaging injured pets at the pretend vet clinic and making scientific discoveries in cups of Lincoln Park creek water? Or do I add the extra hour per day we stay and play with friends in the courtyard, the play dates with families we have gotten to know well (even during a pandemic!), and the amount of time we apply lessons at home that I – as a parent – learned from being in the classroom once a week watching knowledgeable, caring professionals support my child with positive, proactive solutions to challenges? Marking '10 hours' inadequately described our Pre-k experience at Alki Co-op. I’ve watched my son grow over the past year into a kid who is totally ready for elementary school. Being part of his journey by working in the classroom has helped me prepare to make the leap also. When the form later asked which Pre-k program and I selected SSC Cooperative Preschools from the drop-down menu, I thought… 'Oh good, they’ll know what I mean!' We feel fully confident that Alki Pre-k has more than prepared our son for kindergarten. "

Alki PreK still has a some availability for the 2022-23 school year - join us!
Reconnecting in community

Connection and community have been sorely missed throughout the more restricted times of the pandemic. Children and caregivers alike made the most of hybrid instruction last year, but that elusive hallway banter was hard to recreate from behind screens.

Back to holding classes again on the playground and in the classroom has launched community and connection back into action for our preschool. Families linked up to carpool, extended time with playdates, worked out care-shares for younger siblings, and set up meal trains for classmates post surgeries and when families welcomed babies.

If you’d like to join our caring membership, there are a few spaces left in the PreK Class for fall 2022 (child must be 4 by 8/31). And you can even give us a test-drive of sorts. Come see for yourself this summer at one of the all-preschool park playdates, hosted by Friends of LPCP. These park meetups are just as much for kiddos to play as they are for caregivers to connect, troubleshoot, celebrate, and learn from one another. The schedule will be posted on LPCP’s Facebook page. Be sure to like and follow the page to stay informed. We hope to see you at the park this summer! 

Pitching in for WCCP!

The teachers at White Center found an unwelcome surprise when they arrived at school one morning after a night of particularly heavy rainfall. The classroom had been completely flooded! And water continued to flow in from under the doors and up from the drains. While the building maintenance team laid out sandbags and worked to clear the blocked sewer, families from all the White Center classes snapped into action. They quickly showed up with mops, buckets, shop vacs, and sleeves rolled up to help rescue as many classroom materials as possible from the flood. We are happy to report that our classroom was only out of commission for one week! 

While White Center families and teachers have never hesitated when called into action for clean up or maintenance, they have found their site facing a budget shortfall this year making it difficult when unexpected repairs, replacements, or upgrades are needed. For example, the outdoor canopy was irreparably damaged by winds, snow, and heavy rains - three times this year! They would also like to make their classroom safer by purchasing additional HEPA air purifiers. 

You can help ensure the preschool has the funds to purchase what it needs by setting up a one time or recurring tax-deductible donation that will go directly to WCCP!
Connect with us!
Co-op Butterflies
Do you have a child who is a little 'more'? Maybe they have higher sensitivities, bigger emotions, deeper needs? Join our monthly discussion group and find camaraderie and understanding, support and information from other families! Email Teacher Jen for more information.
Summer Parent Support
Summer brings an opportunity for our staff to rest, recharge, and then get to work planning for the 22-23 school year. Summer also tends to bring unique parenting challenges (bedtimes out the window? loss of structure?). Teacher Jen S. will be holding a weekly drop in Office Hours session mid July through late August, open to all co-op families. Contact her here to be added to the list!
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