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Dear Members and Friends,

Our Co-op's birthday is Wednesday -- 11 years old!

Last Week's Spooky Fun

The winning Pumpkin in the carving contest is the one middle left with the yellow eyes. Congratulations to its creator, Memes Bouwman!


In case you missed it, staff got into a Halloween mood Wednesday:

Upcoming Event:  Sunday November 18th, 5 - 6 pm

What's Your Element?
Getting to Know
the Five Elements

Join local acupuncturist Trisha Ginley for an overview of the five elements of Chinese medicine and how we can best prepare ourselves for the transition to the winter season.

Sampling Event at the Co-op
Monday, November 19th 3-5 pm

Girl Meets Dirt will be in the store sampling their cutting and spoon preserves, all made on Orcas Island from locally sourced, heritage fruit. Customers can come in for a taste while they shop and find the perfect pairing for their upcoming holiday meals.

In the Store this Week

Paper Bag SOS 
Desiree asks that anyone who has a few extra paper bags they don't need to please donate them to the co-op to help restock the shelf under the check stand.   Thank You!



Dancing Seeds: Spaghetti Squash, Rosemary

Dog Island: shiitake mushrooms

Federico Farm: micro-greens, sugar pie pumpkins, spinach, arugula

Horse Drawn Farm: kale, Amarosa & french fingerling potatoes, cabbage, salad mix, blue ballet, delicata, & kabocha squash, celery

Mitchell Bay Farm: Asian pears

Nootka Rose: chard, carrots, romanesco cauliflower, gailon, lettuce mix, arugula, head lettuce

Sweet Earth: Macintosh, Mutsu, and Sweet 16 apples, Hubba Hubba, Delicata, Red Kuri winter squashes, Winter Luxury pumpkin (great pie pumpkin!), Comice & Concord pears

Old Copper Farm: garlic, acorn squash

Pear Point Farm:  "candy corn" pumpkins

Zach's Fresh Sheet:  Butterhead, Romaine, and Cegolaine lettuce, savoy & red cabbage, white cauliflower, collard greens, Waldron kale, jalapeƱos, shisito peppers, & parsley.


All Seasons, Langley, BC:  crimini mushrooms

Hedlin Farms, LaConner: brussels sprouts

Osprey Hill, Acme, WA:  collard greens, fennel bulbs, chiogga radicchio

Boldy Grown Farm, Burlington: Treviso radicchio

Top Hat, Salem & Scio, OR:  shiitake mushrooms

Ralph's Greenhouse, Mt. Vernon: carrots, parsnips, leeks

Crow's Farm, Bow, WA: watermelon radishes, garlic

Beyond   :

Avocado, Bananas, Mango, Pomegranate

, Oranges, Lemons, Limes

, Grapes, Black Mission Figs, Hachiya Persimmons

Champagne for the Holidays

For the upcoming holiday season, we are once again bringing in a fantastic champagne from the premier cru village of Vringy, France!

The Lelarge-Pugeot family has been making champagne at their winery in the town of Vringy for 8 generations. Operating with organic and biodynamic practices, they do all of their vineyard work with a pair of draft horses.
The extra-brut tradition has aromas of apple, apricot and almond flowers, harmonious balance, rich mousse, and an intriguing streak of minerality.

$39.95 on the shelf (versus $45-60 in Seattle)

Special Ordering is a Member Benefit which offers
even more favorable pricing:

$35.95 pre-ordered
$34.95 for 6 or more bottles.

If you'd like to order champagne for the holidays, please refer to the notice sent to members last Thursday for ordering information or email attn: Jeremy at

Coming Soon

Orondo Fruit comes Thursday:

Maria will bring her last delivery from her family's orchard in Orondo.
There will be lots of varieties of apples available by the pound in the store to choose from. The best for pies and sauce would include three different varieties representing complementary flavors and textures.

BRAEBURN:  Tart, crisp, juicy -- for fresh eating & cooking. Will keep well if refrigerated till mid-January.

FUJI:  Fresh eating apple that will keep 6 months, especially in a fridge.

GOLDEN:  Sweet, juicy, crisp -- all-around apple for eating & cooking.

GRANNY SMITH:  Tart, crisp, cooks down well; lasts 3 to 4 months in fridge.

PACIFIC (PINK) ROSE:  A thin skinned, crispy, juicy dessert apple.

WINTER BANANA:  Good for sauce and pie, especially if mixed with two other apple varieties that cook well. Also makes a good baked apple. Keep in fridge for two months; best for fresh eating within 2 weeks.

WOLF RIVER:  Great for sauce and pie. Works well in cakes and as a baked apple. Keeps 3 months in fridge for cooking; eat fresh within 2 weeks.

ZESTY:  Juicy, full-flavored apple; will keep well in fridge till Easter and still be a yummy fresh eater and yet lends a great flavor to pies and cooks down well.

Maria will also bring her usual excellent dried fruits that she's been preparing since she was last here two months ago, and her wonderful grapes are ripening and she hopes to bring 20 pounds of those for the co-op to sell.

Three boxes of apples and one gallon each of dried pears and nectarines are still available to members who want to place their special order. Please refer to the notice that was sent out on Thursday, November 1.


Essential Oil Of the Month Clove Oil

As one of the notorious oils in "thieves oil," the oil said to be used by grave robbers to keep them free of the bubonic plague, clove is a very useful addition to the essential oil medicine chest. Native to Indonesia and Madagascar, clove was used historically in many cultures, from breath freshening in China to digestive support in Ayurvedic medicine of India and love potions in Persia.

Due to its strength, clove oil should be mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut  oil or olive oil and should not be used in combination with blood thinning medications. With those precautions in mind, clove is great for the following conditions:
  • Gum health and tooth aches (topically analgesic)
  • Cold and flu protection and recovery (anti-viral)
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti fungal;  particularly good for candida albicans
  • Diffuse to lower blood pressure and clean the air
  • Acne
  • Motion sickness
  • Bloating and indigestion
  • Ulcers


Indian Life Garlic Naan

Edward & Sons Unsalted Brown Rice Snaps

New Flavor:  Pumpkin/Chocolate Handpie from 5b's Gluten-Free Bakery in Concrete

Sales -- 25%off

Halloween candy:  candy corn and Denman Island chocolate pumpkins -- nice Thanksgiving gifts

Canning to Preserve Summer & Fall Abundance

The abundance of the summer and fall garden can at times be almost overwhelming.  So putting some of it away for winter use means less gets wasted.  Canning and freezing are two traditional ways of preserving the harvest for winter meals.  Canning vegetables, meats, and fish requires the use of a pressure canner.  Instructions for using it and recipes will come with it.  I prefer to freeze those items as well as whole fruits and berries.

But what I love to make and can are condiments.  I love condiments: jams, jellies, marmalade, fruit butters, fruit sauces, chutneys, relishes, pickles, salsa.    Jams can be made with  commercial pectin or with just sugar to suit your own taste.  Recipes for all sorts of wonderful condiments can be found in cookbooks, on line or from the County Extension Office. These are processed in a simple boiling water bath and instructions and processing times will be found with the recipes.

Marmalade on toast, plum sauce on salmon, apple catsup on lamb makes meals special.

Margaret Thorson

Recipe:  Apple Catsup

2 quarts sieved applesauce
2 cups sugar
2 cups cider vinegar
2 cups minced onions
2 tsps pepper
2 tsps ground cloves
2 tsps powdered mustard
4 tsps cinnamon
2 Tbsps salt

Add all ingredients and simmer one hour.

Put into jars (I like to use 1/2 pint jars), seal and process 5 minutes in boiling water bath.

Makes approx. 12 half pints

Disaster Preparedness

"Individual preparedness is the first step to being ready for a natural disaster. If you're doing nothing to prepare, it means you're counting on others to take care of you."

It's November, and if you are continuing your preparations following our local Department of Emergency Management's yearlong calendars beginning in January, this is your eleventh month. Here's what to add to your emergency supplies and what to do this month:


Package of paper plates
Package of napkins
Package of eating utensils
Package of paper cups
Exchange work, home, and emergency contact phone numbers with neighbors for use during an emergency.

Starting Now? 
The Department of Emergency Management handouts are at the
Co-op so you can start your preparations any time. With a few purchases and one or two things to attend to each month, at the end of one year your family will be prepared in the event of an emergency which could cut our island community off from services and supplies.
1. 12 month Household Preparation Calendar
2. Neighborhood Preparation Calendar
3. Immediate Response -- "Disaster! Now what?"

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

San Juan County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018

Our county is working to make sure we are all prepared:

"We cannot prevent the infrequent disastrous acts of nature, but we can implement strategies designed to reduce the property damage, disruption of services, devastation to the local economy, and the long-term risks to people that typically follow a natural disaster. This is hazard mitigation." Read more:

Volunteer at the Co-op!
Volunteer Benefits:

In addition to the rewards of donating their time, volunteers earn co-op cash to spend in the store at the rate of $4.60 for every two hours of work. Any hours worked within the quarter will count towards co-op cash. All cash earned during the quarter is to be used during the following quarter, with transactions recorded at the check stand.

Contact Information:

If you would like to volunteer, please email Sarah at the co-op with "VOLUNTEER" in the subject line:

Or phone the co-op at  360-370-5170.  You can also leave a message with the cashier.  

Thank you!       
 -- Sarah  

Information about special ordering
Special Ordering is a Member Benefit. Save on items you use often--bathroom tissue, pet food, canned goods, pasta, bulk beans, and even chill or frozen items. The markup on member special orders is 20% over wholesale for taxable and non-taxable items. You can request a special order information sheet at the store or via email:



UNFI orders are every week.
Order deadline is Midnight Saturday
Pickup: after 3pm on Tuesday
Please be prompt for chill and frozen items.

Azure Standard orders are every other week.    
Next order deadline:  Midnight November 10
Pickup: After 10 am Friday November 16


Monday - Friday: 10 - 7        //        Saturday & Sunday: 10 - 5
Phone:  360-370-5170        //      Email: 


Monthly Meetings

November 19, December 17, January 21
Heritage Bank meeting room at 6:30 pm.
All members are welcome to attend meetings.

Any member is welcome to speak at the beginning of Board meetings.  Please contact the Chair or any Board member at about the topic of interest, with the understanding that due to the amount of business the Board has to attend to, brevity is appreciated.


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