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Dear Members and Friends,

Your Co-op has a lot going on as October comes to a close; mark your calendars so you don't miss out!

Sasquatch Sundays!

In honor of National Co-op Month, we are introducing a new membership benefit -- Sasquatch Sundays!

Beginning in October and moving forward, members will receive 10% off their entire purchase on the last Sunday of every month. In addition, the shopper that finds the hidden sasquatch figurine in the store increases their discount to 25%!

Be sure to come in on Sunday the 28th to maximize your membership.

Tarot Readings with Glenn Hendrick

Just in time for Halloween:
Saturday, October 27th
12 pm - 3 pm

Glenn has been reading tarot cards for the past five years and uses them for perspective, clarity, and illumination. The deck she reads with was made by her own hands, each card painted in ink and watercolor with imagery based on the Ryder Waite deck.

For those unfamiliar, tarot is a system of divination using numbers and images, going back at least 300 years. There are 72 cards in the modern Tarot deck, divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.  Each card can contain multiple meanings, and those meanings can change depending on their relationship to other cards in the spread.  Given the many possibilities present in the cards, each reading is unique to the moment and experience of the individual.  It is up to the querent and the reader to connect and focus the message of the cards.

Readings will be $5 to pull one card, $15 for three cards.

Please join us!  Our Co-op will have a booth at this event where attendees can learn about the many local farms that supply fresh seasonal Island Grown foods at our store.


At the Co-op, we are aiming to raise awareness of why Fair Trade is important and to promote buying and using socially and commercially sustainable fair trade products in place of commodities which may harm the environment, the economy, communities, and disadvantaged individuals.

Products with Fair Trade certification adhere to a rigorous set of standards that ensure safe working conditions, environmental protection, sustainable livelihoods for workers, and empowered communities. Please take a look at our Fair Trade items on the Fair Trade Month shelf and around the store!

Alice Deane's column will be back next week.

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In the Store this Week



Aurora Farms:  Romanesco and green beans
Dog Island: shiitake mushrooms
Federico Farm: micro-greens, sugar pie pumpkins, spinach, arugula
Horse Drawn: cilantro, kale, amarosa fingerling potatoes, cabbage, salad mix, colored peppers, hearts of escarole, blue ballet & kabocha squash
Mama Bird: greens

Mitchell Bay Farm:  Asian pears, quince
Nootka Rose: chard, carrots, lettuce mix, French fingerling & ozette potatoes, spinach, head lettuce
Sweet Earth: Macintosh, Jonathan, Mutsu, and Royal Court apples, hubba hubba, delicata, & red kuri winter squashes, padron peppers
Old Copper Farm: garlic, butternut, acorn, & delicata squash, broccoli
Pear Point Farm:  "candy corn" pumpkins
Zach Chan: butterhead and cegolaine lettuce, savoy & red cabbage, white cauliflower, Italian eggplant, waldron kale, broccoli, jalapeños  & parsley


All Seasons, Langley, BC:  crimini mushrooms

Cascadia Mushrooms, Bellingham, WA: chanterelles (!!)

Siri & Sons, Clackamas, OR:  scallions

Hopewell Farms, Everson, WA: brussels sprouts

Maywood Farm, Corning, CA:  Black Mission figs

Twin Girls Farm, Fresno & Tulare Co., CA: Hachiya Persimmons

Osprey Hill, Acme, WA:  collard greens, fennel bulbs, chiogga radicchio, mint

Boldy Grown Farm, Burlington, WA: treviso radicchio

Top Hat, Salem & Scio, OR:  shiitake mushrooms

Ralph's Greenhouse, Mt. Vernon, WA: carrots, parsnips, leeks



Wines of the Month

Les Tètes Red and White -- 10% off. 

Les Tètes is a small wine project run collaboratively by 4 friends, Nicolas, Philippe, Baptiste, and Vivien.  They are located in the village of Le Pressoir in Touraine Azay-le-Rideau in the Loire Valley.  Les Tètes is focused on bringing fresh and fruity competitively-priced wines that are grown organically and fermented with native yeasts and with only minimal sulfur added.  In their own words, "Les Tétes is about friendship, and wines you drink with friends."

Tete Red: 90% Cabernet Franc 10% Grolleau. A classic lighter bodied Cab. Franc with red fruit, light herbal notes and a hint of granite. Good acidity, a great fresh wine for drinking now.
Tete White: 90% Sauvignon Blanc and 10% Chenin Blanc. White flowers, notes of pear, good balance with richness and a savory finish.

Chateau Trebiac Graves 2012
A blend of Cabernet and Merlot with enough age to be showing pleasant signs of maturity. Smooth tannins, cherries and dark fruit, hints of leather and dark chocolate. Usually this wine goes for $18, we have it for $10.95.

From the Tank Red:
At the equivalent of $9 a bottle, this boxed wine does it all. It's made from organic, sustainably farmed grapes, hand harvested, made with only indigenous yeasts and lightly sulfured. Nothing else out there delivers this kind of natural wine in packaging designed to minimize the carbon footprint and waste stream. Lasts for a month after opening when stored in the fridge instead of a few days for a bottle.

* Grenache, Syrah and Carignan:  Smoky red fruits, violets and baker's chocolate over ripe cherry and berry flavors with good minerality and smooth tannins.

* From the Tank White coming next week.

Beer & Cider

Killer Lion Fresh Hop IPA
Fresh Citrus and Mosaic hops lead with pride lending dank, green, tropic resin, and evergreen. Blood orange, tangelo, and fresh bread stalk closely behind, with the earthy scent of Northwest petrichor hanging in the finish.

Farmstrong Steer You Right Imperial Stout
Offers immensely complex flavors and a big malt body. Subtle hints off Cocoa and coffee with a slightly boozy finish. Ages well.

Tieton Cider Works Organic Hard Cider
Organic Washington Cider in a can. I've been looking for a 6pack cider that we could really feel proud of and until now it has eluded me. Slightly tart, well balanced with a nice fruity nose. From a 100 year old family farm in Tieton, WA.

Trick or Treats
YumEarth Candy Corn for Trick or Treating;  no high fructose corn syrup, no GMOs, no artificial colors of flavors


ON SALE 10/22 - 10/28 :   20% off 15oz Inner-eco Probiotic Coconut Water

Blueberry/Blackberry or Original -- A delicious way to introduce prebiotic and probiotic living food into your day and your belly.  One 15oz bottle provides 30 servings!  If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time.

Host Defense is a huge hit, so we have added
additional varieties and stocked up for the season.
Come check out the great selection of these helpful fungi.


CLEAN CAUSE Yerba Mate in Blackberry & Peach

Flax 4 Life Carrot Raisin Flax Muffins

Natural Value fire roasted dried tomatoes, 28 oz package

Bow Hill Blueberries just offered 6 pound packages of frozen blueberries; sells for #43.40 (more savings). Contact Bethery if interested.

Bionaturae Gluten Free Pasta in a new shape: penne rigate


Pacific Vegan Mushroom Gravy
for the holidays


Califia Almond Milk on sale, 25% off

San Juan County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018

Our county is working to make sure we are all prepared:

"We cannot prevent the infrequent disastrous acts of nature, but we can implement strategies designed to reduce the property damage, disruption of services, devastation to the local economy, and the long-term risks to people that typically follow a natural disaster. This is hazard mitigation." Read more:

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D isaster Preparedness
The Department of Emergency Management handouts are at the
co-op so you can start your preparations any time:
1. 12 month Household Preparation Calendar
2. Neighborhood Preparation Calendar
3. Immediate Response -- "Disaster! Now what?"

Volunteer at the Co-op!
Volunteer Benefits:

In addition to the rewards of donating their time, volunteers earn co-op cash to spend in the store at the rate of $4.60 for every two hours of work. Any hours worked within the quarter will count towards co-op cash. All cash earned during the quarter is to be used during the following quarter, with transactions recorded at the check stand.

Contact Information:

If you would like to volunteer, please email Sarah at the co-op with "VOLUNTEER" in the subject line:

Or phone the co-op at  360-370-5170.  You can also leave a message with the cashier.  

Thank you!       
 -- Sarah  

Information about special ordering
Special Ordering is a Member Benefit. Save on items you use often--bathroom tissue, pet food, canned goods, pasta, bulk beans, and even chill or frozen items. The markup on member special orders is 20% over wholesale for taxable and non-taxable items. You can request a special order information sheet at the store or via email:



UNFI orders are every week.
Order deadline is Midnight Saturday
Pickup: after 3pm on Tuesday
Please be prompt for chill and frozen items.

Azure Standard orders are every other week.
Next order deadline:  Midnight October 27
Pickup:   After 10am Friday November 2


Monday - Friday: 10 - 7        //        Saturday & Sunday: 10 - 5
Phone:  360-370-5170        //      Email: 


Monthly Meetings

November 19, December 17, January 21
Heritage Bank meeting room at 6:30 pm.
All members are welcome to attend meetings.

Any member is welcome to speak at the beginning of Board meetings.  Please contact the Chair or any Board member at about the topic of interest, with the understanding that due to the amount of business the Board has to attend to, brevity is appreciated.


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