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Dear Members and Friends,

Saturday was a beautiful day for a parade as we got organized at the fairgrounds, then walked through town, waved, handed out apples. Thanks for coming -- if you were there, we saw you!  

First Annual Fall Fling  
Membership Appreciation and Seasonal Celebration
at Bakery San Juan
Thursday, October 11th, 5:30 pm

Join the Co-op at Bakery San Juan for a night of complimentary pizza and salad as we say thank you to our members, volunteers, and staff, and celebrate the abundance of the season. In addition to food on us, Bakery San Juan will have  beer and wine for sale
that evening.

There will be live music from Mike Cohen, Chinmayo Ricketts, and the farmers market band!

All are welcome. We hope to see you there!


In the Store 
You may have noticed someone missing at the register since our wonderful cashier Makayla has moved on from our little island for the big city lights of Seattle.  
Makayla has been an invaluable member of the Co-op team for the last year and will be greatly missed!  
Next time you're in the city, find her to say hello at the Central Co-op in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.   


Aurora Farms:   zucchini

Blue Moon:  red onions, shallots, French fingerling & yukon gold potatoes, leeks, bulk carrots, chard

Crow's Farm:  Radicchio

Dog Island:  Shiitake mushrooms

The Farm @ Roche Harbor:  summer squash

Federico Farm:  micro-greens, cauliflower, sugar pie pumpkins, colored bell peppers

Horse Drawn:  cilantro, purple, & Amarosa fingerling potatoes, red & savoy cabbage, lettuce mix and arugula

Mama Bird:  greens and tomatoes

Maple Rock:  Delicata Squash

Mitchell Bay Farm:  Asian pears & hardy Anna kiwis & Quince  

Old Copper Farm:  garlic, butternut, red kuri & blue hubbard squash

Pear Point Farm:  "candy corn" pumpkins

Sweet Earth:  cherry tomatoes, Macintosh, Royal Court apples & Mutsu apples

Zach Chan:   kale, head lettuce, eggplant, red & golden beets


Ralph's Greenhouse, Mt. Vernon, WA:  orange & purple carrots, parsnips

Hedlin Farms, LaConner, WA:  celery

Cabrera Farms, Burlington, WA:  slicing cucumbers

Andersen Organics, Othello, WA:  acorn squash

All Seasons, Langley, BC:  Crimini & Portabella Mushrooms

Evergreen Gardens:  scallions

Bob and Karen Steinacher, Maywood Farms, have been growing lots of figs since 1981.
Lakeside Organics, various commodity farms & parcels (corporate offices in Watsonville, CA):  brussels sprouts

Osprey Hill Farm, Acme, WA:  collard greens & fennel bulbs

Top Hat, Scio, OR (corporate offices in Salem):  Shiitake mushrooms

Maywood Farms, Corning, Northern California:  Black Mission figs.
The story is on the website below, with a good video at the bottom:



Support your immune system during this season transition with Silver Biotics, a fantastic broad spectrum antimicrobial nano silver suspended in distilled water as the state of colloid. Made by American Biotech Labs.

All Silver Biotics products 20% off October 8th-14th

Oil of the Month Eucalyptus globulus

Eucalyptus oil is derived for the leaves of selected eucalyptus tree species native to Australia, Tasmania, and other surrounding islands. The benefits of this versatile oil are extensive, making it a valuable addition to one's essential oil medicine chest.

It is analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and is an anti-oxidant. It is commonly used for respiratory conditions, coughs, bacterial infections, boosts immune system, sore throats, headaches and earaches.  And did you know, it also repels rats?


Fairhaven Buckwheat $6.85

Firefly Krauts:  We now have Ruby Red Kraut and Cortido in the fridge.


We are closing the little freezer next to the register for the season, so all ice cream bars and ice cream sandwiches in the freezer are 50% off!

We have too much Kite Hill chive cream cheese, so it's 25% off this week.


Chalkboard Art by Paul


Harvesting shell beans
I was inspired by Linda Gilkeson once again in her newsletter for October.  Her list includes some tasks I'm up to speed on, and also some I've not gotten done yet.  The weather is a hangup, since I'm not sturdy enough to sit out in the rain and pick crops.  

One thing I'm doing pretty well is getting my shell beans harvested.  I grow several different kinds, since Teddy likes to have beans with his breakfast, good Yankee that he is.  I'm about halfway done. Yesterday's rain stopped me, but I'll be back at it in a day or so.  Once I get them all dried I can spend rainy afternoons on the couch shelling them and sorting them into jars.

I've started harvesting the winter squashes, as you can see from the delicatas.  I still have butternut, Tetsukabuto and pumpkins to do.  I also discovered what happens when zucchinis get away from you and grow way too big.  Anyone want some livestock treats?  They are already too big for my friends' chickens.  I know everyone has a few that get forgotten but I think my stash is formidable.

Harvested in a timely fashion
When you procrastinate your harvest

Broccoli in need of staking
Linda says to pinch out the tops of your Brussels sprouts plants to force the sprouts along the stems.  I'm going to do that -- never have before.  And she suggests staking overwintering plants, like broccoli and cauliflower to keep them from falling over.  I think I need to do that, since some of mine have already tipped.  I've harvested the big heads but the side shoots are making a great crop and I don't want to lose them.

It's getting time to plant garlic, you know.  I'm readying the bed for mine and will put it in before the month is over.  Linda says the garlic can be planted later than October but it won't get as big. 

Sungolds peeking out from their tunnel
She suggests mulching after planting, with straw, dry leaves or some other fluffy material.  I do mulch mine with straw and it always seems to work. It protects from winter weather and the plants are happy in the spring when you remove the layer.

Lastly, I've still got some tomatoes growing in my low tunnels, and I seem to have escaped late blight yet again.  There are a couple of beds that are done but the Sungolds and Sweet Millions are still pumping it out.  Tomato sauce made with Sungolds has a lovely orange color and a very sweet taste. I think I've got gallons!

Now if my schedule will just allow me to have some sunny days at home I'll get done. Oh, yeah -- the hoop house needs cleaning out too.  At least I can do that when it's raining!

-- Alice Deane  

Remember to sign up for the Master Gardeners'
Annual Gardening Workshop Saturday, October 20.

Information & Registration:

October is Fair Trade Month

At the Co-op, we are aiming to raise awareness of why fair trade is important and to promote buying and using socially and commercially sustainable fair trade products in place of commodities which may harm the environment, the economy, communities, and disadvantaged individuals.

Products with fair trade certification adhere to a rigorous set of standards that ensure safe working conditions, environmental protection, sustainable livelihoods for workers, and empowered communities. Please take a look at our Fair Trade items on the Fair Trade Month shelf and around the store!


San Juan County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018

Our county is working to make sure we are all prepared:

"We cannot prevent the infrequent disastrous acts of nature, but we can implement strategies designed to reduce the property damage, disruption of services, devastation to the local economy, and the long-term risks to people that typically follow a natural disaster. This is hazard mitigation." Read more:

D isaster Preparedness
October is our tenth month of  continuing preparations following the Department of Emergency Management's yearlong calendars beginning in January.  Here's what to do this month:


Take the month off from purchases.
But if you've fallen behind, or if your supplies need to be reorganized or replenished, this would be a good opportunity.

* Secure shelves, cabinets, and drawers to prevent them from falling over and/or opening during earthquakes.
* Imagine your house with no electricity.  What more do you need?

Starting Now?

If this is your first month, find DEM's three handouts at the Co-op:  

1. 12 month Household Preparation Calendar
2. Neighborhood Preparation Calendar
3. Immediate Response -- "Disaster! Now what?"

Volunteer at the Co-op!
Volunteer Benefits:

In addition to the rewards of donating their time, volunteers earn co-op cash to spend in the store at the rate of $4.60 for every two hours of work. Any hours worked within the quarter will count towards co-op cash. All cash earned during the quarter is to be used during the following quarter, with transactions recorded at the check stand.

Contact Information:

If you would like to volunteer, please email Sarah at the co-op with "VOLUNTEER" in the subject line:

Or phone the co-op at  360-370-5170.  You can also leave a message with the cashier.  

Thank you!       
 -- Sarah  

Information about special ordering
Special Ordering is a Member Benefit. Save on items you use often--bathroom tissue, pet food, canned goods, pasta, bulk beans, and even chill or frozen items. The markup on member special orders is 20% over wholesale for taxable and non-taxable items. You can request a special order information sheet at the store or via email:



UNFI orders are every week.
Order deadline is Midnight Saturday
Pickup: after 3pm on Tuesday
Please be prompt for chill and frozen items.

Azure Standard orders are every other week.
Next order deadline:  Midnight October 13
Pickup:   After 10am Friday October 19


Mama Bird salad greens, Zach's Fresh Sheet, Federico Farms, The Farm at Roche Harbor, Organically Grown Company (OGC).

Daytime :  Blue Moon Farm, Mama Bird tomatoes, Horse Drawn Farm, UNFI, Coffelt Farm Raw Milk, Barn Owl Bakery.
Evening:  Jim's Jerseys and Old Silvana Raw Milk, Samish Bay Cheese, Puget Sound Food Hub.

Maple Rock Farm, Sweet Earth Farm, Fresh Breeze Milk, Lopez    Island Creamery, Grace Harbor Farms

Daytim e:  Aurora Farms, Local Goods, Mama Bird salad greens, Nootka Rose Farm, Federico Farms, Forage Farmstead.  
Late afternoon  Fairhaven Mills, Pablito's Salsa, Jack Mountain Meats & Acme Cheeses,  5b's Gluten Free Bakery , Organically Grown Company (OGC).

Daytime : Coffelt Farm Raw Milk , Barn Owl Bakery.
:  Puget Sound Food Hub, Bakery San Juan, etc.

Sweet Earth Farm, Sunnyfield Farm on Lopez, Twin Brook Milk, Maple Rock Farm on Orcas.

Blue Moon Farm on Waldron Island.


Monday - Friday: 10 - 7        //        Saturday & Sunday: 10 - 5
Phone:  360-370-5170        //      Email: 


Monthly Meetings

October 15, November 19, December 17
Heritage Bank meeting room at 6:30 pm.
All members are welcome to attend meetings.

Any member is welcome to speak at the beginning of Board meetings.  Please contact the Chair or any Board member at about the topic of interest, with the understanding that due to the amount of business the Board has to attend to, brevity is appreciated.


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