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  • Updated Process! Request for Approval of a NEW Satellite Location
  • New CoAEMSP Annual Report Tool to Become Available
  • Medical Director Student Review
Updated Process!
Request for Approval of a NEW Satellite Location
Staff Contact: Lynn Caruthers,

Do you offer an off-campus location of the Paramedic educational program where students can complete the laboratory (or similar hands-on skills) professional course(s) without attending the main campus?

Are you planning to add a satellite campus? Do you have approval from the CoAEMSP to conduct the cohort of students?

Key points to remember about satellite (off-campus) locations:

  • CoAEMSP grants approval for the satellite location, not per cohort. [Effective 9-2018].

  • If the program sponsor currently has approved satellite(s), it is not required to submit a completed Satellite Approval Request form to start a new cohort.

  • Each satellite is approved until the program notifies CoAEMSP the satellite is no longer being used.

  • If a satellite location has been voluntarily withdrawn and the sponsor program wishes to utilize the location again, then the program sponsor must reapply and submit a new Request for Approval of a Satellite Location form.

  • The program sponsor will be invoiced for each approved satellite location on the CoAEMSP Annual Fee invoice emailed to the program each spring.

To add a new satellite location, the program sponsor must submit a completed Request for Approval of a Satellite Location Form at least 30 days in advance of the course start date and pay the applicable annual satellite fee for the new location before final approval will be granted.

To voluntarily withdraw a satellite location, the program must submit a completed Voluntary Withdrawal of a Satellite Location Template Letter.

Questions about this change or about the approval process may be directed to Lynn Caruthers at 214-703-8445, ext 115 or

New CoAEMSP Annual Report Tool To Become Available
Staff Contact: Gordy Kokx,

The CoAEMSP Quality Improvement Committee piloted a new Annual Report tool earlier this year. Approximately 200 programs participated in the pilot project providing valuable feedback and positive comments about the new tool. The new Annual Report tool has been finalized and will be available to all CAAHEP accredited and CoAEMSP Letter of Review (LoR) programs early 2019 with a due date of March 15, 2019.

The new Annual Report tool is based on a calendar year and data reported will be reflective of data for the graduates and events occurring in the calendar year of the report. The first Annual Report using the new tool will be based on calendar year of 2017 and will be due by March 15, 2019. This allows the program at minimum one (1) year to gather all relevant data and allows sufficient time to send out and gather results for the Graduate and Employer Surveys for the applicable annual report year.

Even though pilot programs submitted data for their 2017 graduates, the programs will submit the same data in the report due March 15, 2019. The decision to adjust the reporting year resulted from the feedback pilot programs provided, which will allow for complete data for the reporting year.

Reminder: based on CAAHEP Standard V.A.4: “The sponsor must maintain, and make available to the public, current and consistent summary information about student/graduate achievement that includes the results of one or more of the outcomes assessments required in the CAAHEP  Standards.” Programs must publish their outcomes for the National Registry or State Written Exam, Retention, and Positive Job Placement annually. The data published must be verifiable by the Annual Report. Since the new Annual Report is based on the calendar year, the new annual published outcomes for 2017 must be published and verifiable by the submission of the 2017 Annual Report due March 15, 2019. The outcomes data is no longer based on a 3-year average.

To assist the public in finding your outcomes, programs must publish their latest outcomes results on the Paramedic educational program’s homepage of its website. Programs must provide the direct link to the website location of the published outcomes in their Annual Report. The direct link will be forwarded to CAAHEP.

A webinar will be planned later this year for the new Annual Report tool. Stay tuned!
Medical Director Student Review
Staff Contact: Gordy Kokx,

The CAAHEP Standards and Guidelines for Paramedic educational programs require that the program’s Medical Director “review the progress of each student throughout the program, and assist in the determination of appropriate corrective measures, when necessary” (CAAHEP Standard III.B.2.4). 

To assist programs with implementing this requirement, the following interpretation was developed: “the Medical Director must demonstrate review during each phase (didactic/lab, clinical, field internship) for each student. For example, academic advisement, end of semester testing, progress report listing each student, etcetera.” 

In addition, the Medical Director must review terminal progress and sign and certify competency using a Terminal Competency Form based on the CoAEMSP provided template. Per the CoAEMSP’s interpretations of the CAAHEP Standards: “At the conclusion of the program there must be a document signed by the Medical Director attesting to the competence of each graduate as an entry-level Paramedic. A Terminal Competency Form for each student must contain a dated original signature by the Medical Director. A stamped signature is not acceptable. A secure electronic signature is acceptable.” 

In addition, programs are required to provide routine academic advisement/counseling. This is in addition to counseling for cause for poor academic performance or affective domain issues. Per the CoAEMSP’s interpretations of the CAAHEP Standards: “It is expected that the school will meet with each student at least once each academic session (e.g., semester, term, quarter) in sufficient time that the student can adequately respond to the counseling, as needed.” This is an excellent opportunity for Medical Director involvement.  

The program can use various methods to track and document the Medical Director’s review of student progress toward competency. Activities may include the Medical Director’s involvement in academic advisement sessions, participation in staff meetings that include a review of student progress, or conversations with the Program Director regarding the progress of each student. This review must include each student (as opposed to a global comment on the cohort). This conversation/communication can occur in-person or electronically. The Medical Director Student Update Form is one tool to facilitate and communicate the information. This tool is not mandated but can be a convenient mechanism to provide a systematic update and platform for review.
Sessions and Speakers Are Announced
Registration for ACCREDITCON is Now Open!
May 29-June 2, 2019
Louisville, Kentucky

ACCREDITCON will educate CoAEMSP constituents on the accreditation process, provide tools for success, offer answers to pertinent questions regarding initial and continuing accreditation, and include presentations on topics having a direct connection with the accreditation process and the CAAHEP Standards.

Make Plans for 2019 CAAHEP Accreditation Workshops

January 3-4, 2019
Rosen Plaza Hotel
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May 29-30, 2019
Omni Louisville Hotel
Louisville, Kentucky

October 10-11, 2019
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Upcoming Events
CAAHEP Accreditation Workshop
January 3-4, 2019
Orlando, Florida
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CAAHEP Accreditation Workshop
May 29-30, 2019
Louisville, Kentucky
May 29-June 2, 2019
Louisville, Kentucky

CAAHEP Accreditation Workshop
October 10-11, 2019
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