The presence of Covid-19 in our community has changed our lives and the lives of our neighbors in ways we never could have imagined before.

We - Barbara Glenfield and Alaine Duncan — are inspired by a program in NYC that has recruited over 6,000 volunteer mental health providers to provide tele-health sessions for front-line service industry workers who are in daily exposure to Covid. 

Our local mental health community is in a unique position to be of service to the health, welfare and regulation of the DC/Maryland/Virginia community.

Crossings is committing its resources to facilitate a connection between licensed Mental Health providers, volunteering to provide “first-aid”, regulation-focused tele-health session(s), with neighbors in need. Prospective clients would register on our website and then be provided with your chosen method of contact to arrange for such session(s).

We are thinking of:
• postal workers
• ancillary health care workers
• gig delivery drivers
• municipal government workers
• grocery store staff 
• “drive-thru” restaurant workers, and
• those who simply find themselves overwhelmed by their experience of vulnerability. 

You will be free to dictate how many sessions per week you are able to volunteer for this project, and to take yourself off the list whenever you wish. This time-limited pro-bono program will end on July 1. Any patients who decide to continue working with you after July 1 will then transition to whatever financial agreements you make with them. 

Use this link to volunteer for this program.

Alaine is available for any questions you might have, or 301-806-4003.

It is wonderful to share the world with the likes of you. The “other” side of the danger Covid-19 represents is the opportunity to come together as a community for our common well-being. 


Barbara, Alaine and the Crossings’ team.