The Ultimate Customer Service Experience
MAY 2018

"Gold Nugget Series" DVD Training

Yes, it is a $839 investment but just think that investment could be recouped in a day by one Service Professional using the system properly. The series can be used over and over for new-hires and experienced Service Professionals. HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Service Professionals all over the country are taking advantage of this training series to increase their average tickets, close rate, and total sales revenue.

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I have heard that there are some record numbers and record months out there. Please share your  successes with all of us, we are looking for:
  • highest close rate
  • average ticket 
  • total revenue
so far  for the year. There is a $150 Home Depot gift card on the line so send in your Service Professionals KPI's.

I realize that there are some Service Professionals that are sales only so share those numbers also. Who  out there has a most improved Service Professional that is using the "Gold Nugget Series" system the  way its intended? Send in a picture of the "Safety Check" and "To Do List" closes for a special prize. 

Email us  the information:

"Go To List"

  • Have we had success with the Ring Cameras and Doorbells? 
  • How about the Leviton Wifi Switches and Whole House Surge Protection? 

Remember it's not how many calls we run its how many  GOOD CALLS  we run and close properly using the "Safety Check" and the "To Do List".

Are we following up on our unclosed calls?
You could be one follow up call away from a sale.
It is good  practice even if they say no.


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