Volume 1, Issue 8 | December 2017
How Resilient Are You In Your Life & Work?  

Moving forward is all about offense and defense, meaning, respectively, the skills we are going to utilize to move and push into our future, and the level of ability we have to hold off, and push back against, the challenges that await us.
Resilience is part of that last portion – the defense. It’s what keeps us moving through, past, and over obstacles to get to what we want. Each of us has a different level of resilience based on our experiences, desires, and the goals we want for ourselves.
What keeps you moving toward your goals, whether they be in your professional or personal life? How bad do you want your goals? How far are you willing to go and how much are you willing to sacrifice? That’s the basis for this month’s Monthly Check-In and Great Reads On sections covering resilience.
Resilience also plays a part in the book broken down in this month’s Coach It Out’s In The Books podcast. This episode covers the book Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job by John Acuff. The book covers the author’s journey from his own 9-to-5 job to the career of his dreams, in which he needed to keep pushing toward what it was he wanted, keeping himself motivated.

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Your Monthly
Topic: Resilience

How would you define resilience?

How does that definition reconcile to
your life and work?

How have you learned from the situations in life and work that have knocked you down?
Great Reads on

Some great articles which outline Resilience
and how it benefits us:

Resiliency Traits

Organizational Level

Building Yours

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Episode 6 - Book :

This episode breaks down the book in which the author outlines how he moved from his day job to his dream job.

Too often, many of us know we're not in the right place, whether it's work-related or otherwise. At some point, we need to begin making moves, working a little harder, sacrificing a little more to get to where we want to be.

This book is great for anyone who knows what their dream job is, but it also works for those who want to rethink or reframe what it is they have.

How have you begun moving toward what it is you want? What's your plan?
Deeper breakdown of issues, ideas, and concepts covered in the CiO Blog Posts

Episode 10
Deeper breakdown of each of the
items on  The Self 60  list. 

Episode 10
Break The Cycle
Think Outside The Box
"So another way I like to think about the self-esteem idea is instead thinking about self-acceptance. And what self-acceptance means is I see myself clearly. I see the good, I see the bad, and I might even see the ugly, but in spite of that knowledge I appreciate who I am."

Whether you view it as self-esteem or self-acceptance, understanding yourself and your true position allows you to figure out how to move forward.
End Quote
“Too many people wait for opportunities to be presented, instead of working around life and trying to lay down the tracks for creating their own.” ( Read More )

Pushing forward -- a component of resilience -- becomes easier when someone learns their true value, how to develop it, and how to provide it to others. Usually when someone demonstrates a low level of resilience, they also demonstrate a inability to understand what it is they really want for themselves and who they are. Clarifying your values and understanding yourself builds up your resilience.

Only by understanding your own value and understanding what feeds it, can you push forward to achieve your goals and your own success. Know your value. Demonstrate it. You only have one life to do so.
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