Volume 2, Issue 1 | February 2018
Your Path In Lifelong
Learning & Leadership

As we each develop in our career, reputation, and life, we should all strive to continue expanding our leadership and development. It's a process that should never end. And the sooner we begin, the sooner we can refine our approach.
We should also retain the lessons we've learned along the way. Everything from today and before will contribute to tomorrow and beyond. We can all be lifelong students with open minds and expanding curiosities.
How do you view your leadership learning and development? How do you view the arch of that learning and development throughout life? If you're a student, start thinking about it now. If you're not, how have you encouraged the students you know to begin diligently living that lifelong journey of proactive development? How have you crafted your own?
Lifelong leadership learning is a recurring theme throughout this issue and its podcasts. In this month's Coach It Out with Everyday Leaders, I talk to Jamal Jimerson, Executive Director of the Minority Inclusion Project. In the episode, Jamal takes me through the major lessons he's learned and maintained in his journey. Also, Coach It Out's In The Books covers my favorite leadership book, The Leadership Challenge , which provides a deep and wide dive into the topic of leadership development.

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No shortage of ideas exists in the Coach It Out Blog . From global to domestic news, business and workplace operations, various ideas are covered.

Before proceeding through his or her own development, a student should seek to understand what leadership and development (L&D) mean, and what kind of path they want to take for themselves in order to achieve L&D goals.
Your Monthly Check-In
Topic: Lifelong Leadership Learning

How early do you believe leadership can begin? Should begin?

How do you believe students can build and refine their leadership?

What steps do you take to ensure the students around you are getting the tools they need to develop their leadership?

How do you keep refining and developing yourself?
Great Reads for
Lifelong Leadership Learning

Here are some great articles to begin and continue
leadership learning and development, no matter your age:

Leadership Reads for Everybody

Tips For More Successful Leadership for Everybody

Leadership Development Steps for Everybody

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This series provides in-depth conversations with leaders who are impacting and influencing their environments for the better. Their lessons are everywhere. We just need to seek them out.

Episode 6 - Guest :   Jamal Jimerson

In this episode, Jamal covers the experiences which shaped both his leadership style and the work he is doing today, from growing up in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, to founding the Minority Inclusion Project (MIP) and Thought Partners Consulting.

The interview covers where he learned his best leadership skills, how he leads his organizations, and his mission to make more organizations -- and society overall -- aware of the need for more diverse representation of people of color, while also moving people of color to recognize their own leadership capacity.
Social Entrepreneurship

Founder & Executive Director of Minority Inclusion Project Inc. & Principal Consultant at Thought Partners Consulting.

MIP - Website  Facebook
Thought Partners Consulting - Website

Jamal's Interview
Full Episode - Bio / Background / Questions / Analysis
The Short Cut - Bio / Questions

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Episode 7
by James M. Kouzes &
Barry Z. Posner

This episode breaks down the book I consider to be, so far, my definitive, go-to leadership bible. Although I had already studied organizational psychology before reading this book, this was the book that got me hooked on leadership and lead me down the path to leadership coaching.

So many other books cover, for the most part, an individual theme and area of leadership, but this book is the most well-rounded representation of what leadership is, what it entails, and what it can be.

This is a book for anyone who is interested in learning about leadership, or refining their own, no matter their age, background, or experience.
Provides a deeper breakdown of issues, ideas, and concepts covered in the Coach It Out Blog

Episode 11
Provides a deeper breakdown of each of the
items on  The Self 60  list. 

What Is The Self 60 About?
How Coaching Covers:
Student Coaching
Student coaching works to provide young adults and students with tools to tackle their life going forward. Coaching assists them in understanding themselves, studying their environments, and organizing their resources.
...and provides...

  • Breakdown of life, work, and school experience to date in order to extract value and self-understanding
  • Assessment of his or her current support system to determine what other support is needed and available
  • Inventory of current habits and the value they contribute to the overall goal
  • Ongoing, regular check-ins to provide accountability
What Do You Think?
Where Do You Stand?


For you, where is the balance found between students learning about leadership and strong "guidance" for each to reach a certain level of power? Is it pushing too much on to them to prepare for such a high level of leadership?
End Quote
“Today is a snapshot in one sense -- the specifics -- but the general lessons and foundations of leadership and other skills are yours for the taking to carry with you.” ( Read More )

It's never too early to start collecting ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and habits. Your next chapter, whether it's in leadership or not, can include everything you've picked up along the way, if you want it to. It's on you to decide how much you want to leave behind, and how much you want to continue building.

The environments where leadership is utilized may change with age, but the underlying lessons are the same. The tools are the same. The specifics may adjust from one experience to the next, but the underlying, general lessons of leadership can move along with you.
The Last Five Archive