Volume 1, Issue 3 | July 2017
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In this issue, you’ll find this month's episode of the  Coach It Out With Everyday Leaders podcast featuring Molly Goodine. Molly serves as Supervisor of Special Services of the public school system in Bristol, Connecticut, and is devoted to both her "kiddos" and her hometown. In the episode, you can hear Molly explain the sources behind her drive to-date -- the experiences she's carried with her along the way. Remember, no matter what our own industry may be, we can all learn from someone else's perspective.

(There’s always hearty laugh with Molly, so I switched up my picture to match hers.)

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Episode 2 - Guest: Molly Goodine (pictured, tongue out)

Molly, her sister, and husband warm up by a fire after having jumped into Lake Compounce during the Plunge for Sandy Hook, a mid-winter fundraising event Molly helped organize & promote to benefit the My Sandy Hook Family Fund.

Industry: Education

Position: Supervisor of Special Service

Organization: Bristol Board of Education

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