Volume 1, Issue 2 | June 2017
It's On Us To Make Everything Around Us Better

This is an interesting time to study leadership. Leadership around the world is moving at a rapid clip as evidenced by the rotating heads of state, shifting priorities, and reshuffling of partnerships.

The global stage may be out of our control but how can -- and should -- we impact our immediate environment?

What impact can YOU make in your piece of the world?

Coach It Out (CiO) seeks to play its part in working with others to make sure they’re maximizing what they can provide both for themselves and those around them through their leadership development.

With that mission in mind, The Monthly Leader works toward providing balanced exposure to different facets and corners of leadership through its various sections. 

Part of that broad view entails listening to and learning from the stories of others.

That's why in this issue you'll find the first podcast episode of Coach It Out With Everyday Leaders in which I sit down with Lindsay Vigue. Lindsay is a professional photographer who left her hometown, like many of us have, to find what else was out there in the world for her only to have life bring her back to her hometown where she opened her own business and contributes to the revitalization of the town and community.

You'll also find the first episodes of the Coach It Out's In The Books, Coach It Out & The Self 60, and Coach It Out Quickshots podcasts. 

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Episode 1 - Guest: Lindsay Vigue (pictured)

Industry: Professional Photography

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