Volume 1, Issue 6 | October 2017
Make Your Own Impact
So, how do you improve your environment? How do you add value to what is around you? You don’t need to be an official leader to make any kind of positive difference.

There’s always an opportunity to help others build up their skills and refine their own value. There are opportunities at every turn to step outside of our own world and make a change in the world of others. That’s one of the foundational beliefs behind this month’s Monthly Check-In on Social Responsibility

Keeping that lesson on Social Responsibility in mind, this month’s episode of the Coach It Out With Everyday Leaders podcast features Dan Starbuck Pelletier, Dan is the Founder and President of DIG USA, a company which offers chess and soccer lessons. DIG USA also offers Lesson-for-Lesson where for every paid lesson in either chess or soccer, a child in economic need receives a free lesson.

For their work providing free services to communities in need, Dan, his company, staff, and coaches have been profiled on both Fox 61 ( click here ) and in the Hartford Courant ( click here ). Check out either The Short Cut or Full Conversation episode of the podcast to hear about what drove Dan to what he’s doing today and how he rises to the challenge of his worthwhile mission and goal.

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Your Monthly Check-In 
Topic: Social Responsibility

In what form do you provide resources to your community?

How might you step out of the community
you know and into another?

What skills can you provide at no cost which
could benefit someone else?
Great Reads on
Social Responsibility

Some great articles which outline Social Responsibility and can inspire corporate or individual action:

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Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility

Examples of Social Responsibility
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Episode 5 - Guest : Dan Starbuck Pelletier

In this episode, Dan walks us through what lead him to launch his soccer and chess coaching company, the importance of preparation and dedication, and how crucial confidence is to achieving one's goals..

Industry : Education

Position: Founder and President - DIG USA

Organization: DIG USA on Facebook

Dan's Interview :
Full Episode - Bio / Background / Questions / Analysis
The Short Cut - Bio / Questions
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Episode 8: Keep An Open Mind
Take It Or Leave It? 
Do You Agree?
"Considering recent events, some small business owners have begun to ask what,
if anything, they should say to their customers and communities regarding the
political incidents happening across the globe."

As long as it doesn't impact your health, finances, and well-being in an adverse way,
how do you feel about business taking stances?

This question and topic helps us refine leadership by taking in others'
beliefs in order to foster analysis, communication, and conversation.
End Quotes
“Why not make it more of a common, everyday habit to first find out what the
common ground is and then build up from there?"  ( Read More )

"There is nothing worse than someone who feels as if they have this energy, drive, and ambition inside to be better -- to grow, develop, and evolve -- but the job they are in does not allow them to reflect that or demonstrate their true abilities . "   ( Read More )

" In a sea of operations, protocol, attitudes, and process, we should find that core group of people that can support our growth. The underlying denominator of this group is the need to thrive, to question, and evolve through their actions and ideas. ( Read More )
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