Volume 1, Issue 5 | September 2017
Leadership In These Times
Given the divisiveness that has gripped the country recently, what steps do you take to make a difference in other people's lives?

Watching the news may be disheartening, but all the negativity we see can be offset by the little things we can all do for each other through the course of our actions. We can make an impression on others and influence others by understanding who it is they are and what it is they might need. No one can benefit from a divided world. That belief ties into the Monthly Check-In on Emotional Intelligence.

Keeping that lesson of impacting the lives of others in mind, this month's episode of the  Coach It Out With Everyday Leaders podcast features April Capone. April is currently the Manager of the Center for Living Organ Donors in the Transplantation Center at Yale New Haven Hospital. Her career has taken her from Music and Sound Engineering in college to Cirque de Soleil to being Mayor of East Haven, Connecticut to her latest position. Check out her story to gain insight to the leadership lessons she's gained along the way.

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Your Monthly Check-In 
Topic: Emotional Intelligence

How much emotion goes into the decisions you make
regarding other people and your work?

Are you able to make decisions with a clear focus on the
environment, without emotion?

Have you experienced issues where getting lost in the emotion of a decision or interaction in the moment cost you the outcome you desired?
Great Reads on Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Here are some great articles to begin
assessing your own EI:

Habits Tied To EI

Quotes & Thoughts About EI

Areas of Emotional Intelligence
You Can Work On
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Episode 4 - Guest: April Capone ( Profiled Here)

In this episode, April walks us through what drives her to make a difference no matter the industry, the power of mentoring, and the need to reach outside of your immediate and familiar network.

Industry: Healthcare

Position:  Manager - Center for Living Organ Donors in the Transplantation Center

Organization: Yale New Haven Hospital

April's Interview:
Full Episode- Bio / Background / Questions / Analysis
The Short Cut - Bio / Questions
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Episode 7: Keep Your Word

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Take It Or Leave It? 
Do You Agree?
" If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times: 'Hard work results in success.' While that conventional wisdom is endlessly repeated, it's also dead wrong. Hard work--meaning long hours pursuing a single goal--is a recipe for failure ."

So, what is your take on hard work? Only you can determine, knowing what needs to be done, if the work is being executed in the best way possible.
End Quotes
“Every day is an opportunity to execute tactic and strategy,
no matter how big or small your actions are in scale.”  ( Read More )

" Oftentimes, knowing that someone has the same fears makes one feel
less isolated and different. "   ( Read More )

" Part of a leader's strategy is looking across the board and reassuring those being lead that their leader is analyzing the field and steps which should be taken. ( Read More )
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