Ride Alongs - Observe & Listen
Success for the Professional, Trainee, & Company
APRIL 2019

Never allow a trainee to run a call
until you are confident with their performance, 
knowledge of the services, and their ability to run the call effectively.

Observe & Listen!

By observing and listening a trainee can watch how it is done. Your customer gets the best service from your experienced Service Professional or Trainer, and your trainee learns. 

After the call, the Service Professional and the trainee can return to the office and role play in a one-on-one or a training classroom environment. This allows the trainee to perform the call in a safe environment. We all make mistakes, so positive reinforcement is the key in training! 

  • Always Be in Control!
  • Provide Postive and Opportunistic Feedback
  • Practice Makes Perfect
And, once you are confident that your trainee is ready, have them run calls with an experienced Service Professional or Manager to observe and provide back-up if necessary. 

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Are we following up on
our unclosed calls?
You could be one follow up call away from a sale.
It is good practice even if they say no.

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