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JULY 2019

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Happy 4th of July!

Setting Goals with the Success Tracker!

Are you meeting and exceeding your goals? 
Do you set, tracked or measured your goals weekly, monthly and annually?

To make setting goals, tracking and measuring numbers easier, get the Success Tracker.
By knowing your numbers and what is expected, YOU control YOUR future and success. 
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Hire the Right Way! 

So why do companies rush and turn their new Service Professional trainees
out too soon without the proper tools?
I have seen it time-and-time again, trainees are confused, and management is questioning their hiring decision due to negative customer feedback and reduction in customer retention. It is a no-win situation for either. 
The bottom line is this; you will pay one way or another, either by facilitating the training correctly or by losing your customers and losing your new Service Professional because the training was ineffective. 
Remember,  you hire for one reason and one reason only, to generate revenue for your business. If you set your Service Professional trainees up for success, then that is just what they will do for you! Contact me at 540.522.1117 and we can discuss several ways to provide the training your trainees need!  


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