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JUNE 2019

Setting Goals with the Success Tracker!

Always set goals to meet the expectations of Total Revenue, Average Ticket and Close Percentage. All three are Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that can be tracked and measured weekly to make sure you are on target.

To make setting goals, tracking and measuring numbers easier, get the Success Tracker.
By knowing your numbers and what is expected, YOU control YOUR future and success. 
If you want the Success Tracker email me at or go to to place your order.
Trade Schools Are Back in the News! 

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Webinar Training - Sign Up Now!

It never fails, training is scheduled, and inevitability there is someone or ones who were unable to attend due to unforeseen conflicts or the inability to travel. 

If you have been wanting training but can't seem to find the right time that meets everyone's schedules, contact me at or call 540.522.1117 for questions

A webinar might be the right answer to your training or "continuing educational" training needs. 


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