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MAY 2019

Webinars: Virtual Training

A webinar is an online, live, web-based video that connects individuals in various locations for the same presentation, training, or lecture.

But why would you want a webinar?  

It never fails, training is scheduled, and inevitability there is someone or ones who were unable to attend due to unforeseen conflicts or the inability to travel. As an owner, you never want one of your service professionals to miss training because that could negatively impact your receivables but as a service professional you miss the opportunity for personal development, and that is never good.

Over time, webinars have proven to accelerate the learning process mostly because it increases the opportunity for communication, but additionally, they provide a cost-effective way to gain knowledge and information repeatedly.

If you have been wanting training but can't seem to find the right time, call me! A webinar might be the right answer to your training or "continuing educational" training needs.   540.522.1117

"Your Go to List"  
  • Have we had success with the Ring Cameras and Doorbells? 
  • How about the Leviton Wifi Switches and Whole House Surge Protection?  
Remember it's not how many calls we run its how many GOOD CALLS we run and close properly using the "Safety Check" and the "To Do List".

Don't Miss the Opportunity!

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